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    Need help

    Ok thanks for your help šŸ‘
  2. keanasdad

    Need help

    Luis, As the version has now gone up to Ā£30 I was wondering if there was any way the price could be honoured that it was when I first posted the help request as today is the first chance I have been able to get access to make the purchase. Thanks. Kevin
  3. keanasdad

    Need help

    Thanks for your help šŸ‘
  4. keanasdad

    Need help

    I have a behringer cmd2a which came with an Le version of deckadance. I used to use virtual dj but decided on the purchase of a controller which I now cannot use due to licensing. The question I have is there is a version of deckadance which is available via Steam and I would like to know if this will allow me to utilise my controller and record my mixes as at present Iā€™m Ā£90 worse off with no assistance in what I want to do šŸ¤¦ā€ā™‚ļø. Please somebody help me šŸ˜‰. Thank you
  5. I have a cmd controller with free deckadance Le. Would the steam upgrade on the site allow me to use the record facility while mixing. Thank you
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