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  1. Vox AC15 would be a really cool amp to go with your new SG, but might be a little loud for house use at times. If it was me, I'd do some searching for a vintage silver face Fender Champ or Vibro Champ, or a vintage Gibson GA-5. Really cool rock sounds from those little 5 watters, and you can find them for around $300 - $400 or so (sometimes less if you really search). Some new low wattage amps to check out would be a Vox AC4TV (I have this amp, it rules with an overdrive, or cranked at 1/4 watt), Fender Champion, or a VHT Special 6. -These are all pretty affordable tube amps.
  2. I'm late on this one. My bad. A dream amp for me is a Dr Z Maz 18 (non reverb) with a 1X12 closed back cab. Probably Avatar. I played one at a studio a couple months back, and it is such a killer amp.
  3. I just put a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat in my LP Special (see crappy iPhone pic below). It's a great sounding pickup. I think those HB-sized P90's will work well with the guitar you're making...
  4. Thanks guys. Yea, if I do that mod, it will be to the bass side (on the far left side of the face plate). An amp builder friend of mine was telling me that's a common mod that people do. I won't do anything to the normal side. That sounds killer as it is. As for the caps, they all seem ok for now. I do plan on changing those to new caps sometime soon. Most likely, I'll just keep it stock. I freakin' love the Phat Cat. To my ears, it's a little hotter than the stock P90 in my SG Jr. Tight low end, but where the pickup really shines is with mid and high tones. You still get the 60 cycle hum because it's a single coil, but I don't mind it. When I installed the pickup, I changed my pots (from 500k DiMarzio's) to 250k Alpha's, and I changed the caps to orange drops (.022uf). My LP Special wasn't getting as much play time, but now that I installed the new pickup and caps, I am thinking about taking this guitar out on tour in the spring.
  5. I don't have any clips yet. I'm working on getting one together at some point. The speakers are the Oxford blue backs. I think that's why this thing sounds so awesome. I did some reading up on them and discovered they're 32 ohm speakers, and wired so that the cab is 8 ohms. Weird.
  6. I really like the CV Telecasters. My buddy had one with a tinted neck. It was a hot guitar. I think he only paid about $200 for it used too!
  7. My favorite top for sure. Very cool.
  8. Hey everyone, I haven't been on here in a while. Holiday stuff and band stuff kept me busy the past couple months. I hope you're all doing well. I just wanted to share some new additions to my current rig. I snagged a 1975 Fender Bassman Ten Silverface about a week ago. It's unmodded, but I'm considering getting a 'Marshall' type mod to the bass side. I've read that you can get kind of a JTM type sound from it. This thing eats pedals. So far I've found that the best sound I get is with a Tube Screamer, and (if you look close in the pic) a Big Toe boost from our own Surfpup. The Big Toe sounds really cool by itself with either my Tele or my Les Paul Special. I took the bridge humbucker out, and added a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat, and I really love how the LP Special sounds now. Here's a pic. Hope everybody is doing cool. Also, I haven't weighed it, but I think this amp weighs about 390 pounds. Haha. -T
  9. I use 09-42's also on my 1/2 step down guitars. I switched after I got my Tele that came with 9's. I still play 10's on my whole step down guitars.
  10. Chess Records at 2120 S Michigan Ave. Kuma's Corner at 2900 W Belmont Ave. -This place is a heavy metal burger restaurant.
  11. 50 Watt Marshall JCM800. I jammed on a friend's and I've been obsessed with them.
  12. Some of my favorites: Rob Halford Leslie West Ronnie James Dio Robert Plant Freddie Mercury Aretha Franklin Patti Smith Björk Grace Slick Patsy Cline
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