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  1. Vox AC15 would be a really cool amp to go with your new SG, but might be a little loud for house use at times. If it was me, I'd do some searching for a vintage silver face Fender Champ or Vibro Champ, or a vintage Gibson GA-5. Really cool rock sounds from those little 5 watters, and you can find them for around $300 - $400 or so (sometimes less if you really search). Some new low wattage amps to check out would be a Vox AC4TV (I have this amp, it rules with an overdrive, or cranked at 1/4 watt), Fender Champion, or a VHT Special 6. -These are all pretty affordable tube amps.
  2. I'm late on this one. My bad. A dream amp for me is a Dr Z Maz 18 (non reverb) with a 1X12 closed back cab. Probably Avatar. I played one at a studio a couple months back, and it is such a killer amp.
  3. I just put a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat in my LP Special (see crappy iPhone pic below). It's a great sounding pickup. I think those HB-sized P90's will work well with the guitar you're making...
  4. Thanks guys. Yea, if I do that mod, it will be to the bass side (on the far left side of the face plate). An amp builder friend of mine was telling me that's a common mod that people do. I won't do anything to the normal side. That sounds killer as it is. As for the caps, they all seem ok for now. I do plan on changing those to new caps sometime soon. Most likely, I'll just keep it stock. I freakin' love the Phat Cat. To my ears, it's a little hotter than the stock P90 in my SG Jr. Tight low end, but where the pickup really shines is with mid and high tones. You still get
  5. I don't have any clips yet. I'm working on getting one together at some point. The speakers are the Oxford blue backs. I think that's why this thing sounds so awesome. I did some reading up on them and discovered they're 32 ohm speakers, and wired so that the cab is 8 ohms. Weird.
  6. I really like the CV Telecasters. My buddy had one with a tinted neck. It was a hot guitar. I think he only paid about $200 for it used too!
  7. My favorite top for sure. Very cool.
  8. Hey everyone, I haven't been on here in a while. Holiday stuff and band stuff kept me busy the past couple months. I hope you're all doing well. I just wanted to share some new additions to my current rig. I snagged a 1975 Fender Bassman Ten Silverface about a week ago. It's unmodded, but I'm considering getting a 'Marshall' type mod to the bass side. I've read that you can get kind of a JTM type sound from it. This thing eats pedals. So far I've found that the best sound I get is with a Tube Screamer, and (if you look close in the pic) a Big Toe boost from our own Surfpup. The Big To
  9. I use 09-42's also on my 1/2 step down guitars. I switched after I got my Tele that came with 9's. I still play 10's on my whole step down guitars.
  10. Chess Records at 2120 S Michigan Ave. Kuma's Corner at 2900 W Belmont Ave. -This place is a heavy metal burger restaurant.
  11. 50 Watt Marshall JCM800. I jammed on a friend's and I've been obsessed with them.
  12. Some of my favorites: Rob Halford Leslie West Ronnie James Dio Robert Plant Freddie Mercury Aretha Franklin Patti Smith Björk Grace Slick Patsy Cline
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