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  1. Nice work-- Did the plugged holes from the Rotomatics line up with the new one required for the Deluxe and you just plugged for a fresh start or was the new hole on body side located slightly differently, forcing you to plug?
  2. Sorry about your father - time takes all of us but Alzheimer's is a particularly tough one, saw it with my own mother. Anyway, you can check pricing generally for most used models at Reverb.com. Take a look at this (just did a quick search for you, the results are here: https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=CS-336). Of course, asking price and selling price usually are not the same so if you check the sold listings only, the average price is at the lower end of the range quoted here. Anyway, that's how I get a sense of the price when I buy/sell. I have a 2006 356 which is one of my favorite guitars, so you should be able to sell yours easily if that is the route you decide. Good luck.
  3. My 335 from the 90s (can't remember exactly, would have to look it up), is 7lbs 14oz. Lighter than most it seems but noticeably heavier than my 339 and my CS-356.
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  5. For closure here -- HD never had the part I needed despite it showing on their site so I popped in to local shop on way home and got nut/washer for 50c. Guy there also reckoned it unlikely HD would have the size but I'm not sure it's that unusual - seems to be regular thin half-inch hex nut with 3/8" thread. I'll check this if I get a chance.
  6. I did a rough measurement and suspect it's just a 3/8" flat nut which should be available anywhere. I'll run to Home Depot and if that fails, off to a guitar store tomorrow. How to frustrate new guitar day! I'll report back if it works just to have a record of it here.
  7. Hello folks -- am sure others may have asked this but my best efforts at search have not turned up the answer. Just got a 339 Studio delivered but the input jack was rattling around inside the body. I've managed to get it back into place but the nut for it is missing in action somewhere and needs replacing. Nothing I have to hand seems to fit and I've asked StewMac but they said they can't tell without my measuring it (which I'm not sure I can accurately do without popping the jack back into the hole again after spending my morning fishing it out-- just thought I'd ask here in the hope that it's so bog standard I can find one at the hardware store today. Thanks in advance.
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