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  1. Is there a serial number decoder for 2017 models. I have two 2017 models and they have a similar serial number - 170059### (Explorer) and 170042### (Les Paul) What number(s) identifies the model? Anything else identified (like factory, color, etc)?
  2. internet problems...multiple posts
  3. internet problems...multiple posts
  4. Hi all! New member here...of course. I'm more a troll than a poster but I appreciate all of your inputs and knowledge. My little family includes...in case you are wondering 2017 Les Paul Classic HP in ocean burst (it's beautiful!!!) 2017 Explorer HP in ebony - most recent purchase. Got it off Reverb. I like the G Force...can you tell? haha 2017 Gretsch G5420T - fairlane blue 2017 Jackson JS32 King V in olive drab 2015 American Fender Strat in sienna burst 2015 Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T with G Force tuner (Epiphone's version....forgot the name) 2013 American Fender Strat in 3-color burst 2013 Ibanez RG450DXB in white Fender acoustic 6-string Washburn acoustic 12-string
  5. Hi all. New member, first post. I just purchased a 2017 Explorer HP on Reverb from the original owner. I noticed the toggle switch tip was black (see attached image) and not the chrome the Gibson website 2017 Explorer HP shows it to be. In fact, the nut and washer aren't chrome either. They are more brushed aluminum. I have a 2017 Les Paul Classic HP and its tip and nut (different from the Explorer's) are brilliant chrome. So 2 questions... 1 - Is it possible the factory ship out a black tip or do you think the original owner swap it out? 2 - Where can I get the chrome parts and their Gibson part numbers so I can make it look original? OR does anyone know if there's a parts list/illustration for the Explorer? Thanks in advance! Chewmann
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