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  1. Hi All, I really love my Gibsons, I have 6, and just love them, but I just got my first Custom shop and it is wonderful. It is a 2019 Les Paul Special Double Cut Figured Maple Top. It plays so nice, sounds so grungy and it looks so perfect. I've attached a couple photos, and if anyone else has one and could share their experiences I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Dave.
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  3. I too hate those that just bash Gibsons, however there are some reasons to be critical. I love Gibson, period, I'm addicted. I have a SJ-200, LP Blueberry HP and an ES-335. Maybe not as many as some of you other posters, but a serious investment. Of those three, two, the SJ and LP have had to be sent back to Gibson. The SJ had a headstock that was cloudy underneath the finish and had scratches. How could they have missed that? How could the dealer have missed it? The LP was fine for the first year then one day I went in and it had bubbles all over the surface. It was explained to me that sometimes during finishing there might be humidity that gets trapped under the cellulose finish and it slowly works it way to the top. I understand they couldn't see or anticipate it at the factory. So I sent them back and it took a long time, but they were both fixed, no issues, no haggles, just fixed. I really missed them but I have a Martin J-40 and and other electrics to play. So I have an approximate 66% failure rate and I still love them. I really love my Martin too, will never sell it, it sounds so nice, easy to play....until I pick up the SJ and then the Gibson just outplays, out-sounds, out everything the Martin. The Martin is a great guitar, it's just not an SJ. Same with the LP. I played my Gretsch, souped up Epiphone and others, but they're not, don't play like and don't sound like the LP. So although I hate it when I hear ranting about Gibsons, some of it is deserved as I've sent two of my three back to the factory. When I save more money, I'll get another Gibson full well knowing I may have to send it back to the factory. But to me, having played just about every guitar there is, nothing sounds, plays or feels like a Gibsons, at least to me........
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