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  1. thank you all for the input I'm going to try the John Pearse 12's PB. will let y'all know the outcome.
  2. not that different from my J45. maybe lookin for a brighter sound
  3. Hey you Maple owners I would be very appreciative of your input on what strings you prefer. I have a 2007 J185 quilted and it just doesn't sound the way I would like it to. I'm just a front porch player but I love this forum. there are a lot of great players with an abundance of Gibson knowledge' Thanks for the help
  4. well didn't Budweiser use Dylans' Blowing in the Wind recently?
  5. right now OOH LA LA the faces and an acoustic arrangement of ON THE ROAD AGAIN Canned Heat
  6. Welcome, started playing as a teenager and just knew i was going to be a rock star. guess what it didn't happen. Then life happened with marriage and kids and mortgages and all that goes with it. So i put away the guitar and really didn't think to mush about picking it up again until i retired 12 yrs ago. long story short, I now can jam with some friends(we love the blues) and play songs while accompanying myself on the acoustic. I'm 70 so its never to late. playing an instrument is a great way to keep your mind and body active.
  7. BDuke

    Es 335 Bass

    Thank you for the pic. I was in a R&R band back in the late 60's and our bass player had one of these. I know it was a Gibson and it looked just like this one
  8. BDuke

    Es 335 Bass

    Did Gibson ever make an ES 335 bass?
  9. that was great Buc. I think I'll lay down a bass track to it. well done
  10. For someone who sings in the Key of "Z" the capo is my best friend.
  11. Looks like mine except mine is not as heavily quilted on the front. also mine is a 2007. Price seems high to me.
  12. Fixin to head upstairs to my guitar room/man cave, grab my maple j185 and continue working out "Yesterday" finger style.
  13. I totally agree with that last sentence Lars
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