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  1. THANK YOU!!! That is exactly the right part number for the choke. Now I can at least get rid of these knowing what they are for. May not be worth much if anything but at least I have a starting point.
  2. Hi, Just curious if anyone can point me in a direction to figure out what exactly Gibson was doing with these back in the 70's 80's and what instrument/amp they might have ended up in. One has a gibson part number of 71-281 I have a bunch of these from a palet purchase our store owner made from the Kalamazoo Factory back in the 80's and I am at a loss in trying to find any information on these and several other odd Norlin NOS parts and pieces. Any info would be greatly appreciated and an online source of info for parts from that time would be super helpful if some one could point me to one. -Adam-
  3. Hi, So just an update I have actually been selling some of these through ebay and reverb and some have been going for $20 and a few up to $45 and on occasion a buyer has given me some information on some of the more obscure ones which has been cool. A noticed some interest in a couple of these in the previous responses so if you don't see a listing for one you want on ebay than I can make one, haven't got all of these listed yet and some have sold and I need to relist. Appreciate the input. Also side note if anyone could point me in a direction to figure out exactly what these two (I guess chokes) are and what Gibson would have been putting them in circa the 70's 80's. Any help would be appreciated, I'll try to find a proper forum to ask this in too.
  4. Hi Everyone, I was recently given a bunch of boxes of mixed Gibson Parts parts to sell online for our store, bought off a pallet from the Kalamazoo Factory in the 80's when they were moving stuff to Nashville and I have no idea what the market is for some of this stuff. So for starters, can anyone give me an idea if people are even looking for truss rod covers from the 70's-80's? I've sold a couple of these but don't really have an idea how rare some are or if some of these have any value at all. I also got a bunch of NOS circa 70's-80's both PAF and non PAF pickups, bridges, pots both single and part of harnesses, switches, screws, and other stuff I am still diving into. If anyone has any info at all on particular parts from 70's- early 80's, certain years to watch out for, or anything really about parts from this era please help me out. Or at least help point me to a source of this type of info, I am wasting a lot of time researching a part that winds up being from some guitar model that was only made for a few years and barely sold (and still no one seems to want). Gibson got kinda funky in this era. I know this is a very broad inquiry but any help would be appreciated. I am at a loss for some of this. -Adam-
  5. I have a ton of Gibson parts bought off a pallet from the Kalamazoo Factory and I have no idea what some of this stuff is.

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