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  1. I did a little research on here and in the 1986 catalog the SG Standard is listed as having "Patent Applied For" but I have also read the mid to late 80s used "Super Humbuckers" or even " '59 Re-Issue Humbuckers". Also after some research people have found Shaw pickups in guitars of this year even up to 1987. Lastly the picture in the 1986 catalog shows the Patent Applied For sticker on the mounting rings which is an indication of Shaw pickups. http://www.everythingsg.com/index.php/1986g.html Click on the white SG in the link to pull up the 86 Standard SG specs. Notice the Patent Applied For sticker on the mounting rings. But strangely enough my 1986 SG Standard I received new for my 16th birthday back in 1986 did not have these stickers on the mounting rings.
  2. I know it predated the 490R/498T by a couple of years and I know they weren't Dirty Fingers or Velvet Hammers or the Lawrence designed OBL pickups. What were they? I remember they didn't sound remarkable and I removed the bridge pickup back in 1987 for a Seymour Duncan Distortion that still resides there today.
  3. You had a SH-13 or Dimebucker in the NECK? Really? That's a huge switch from the other pickups you list. Did you not know it was a super output pickup designed for Diamond Darrell from Pantera?
  4. fusion01k


    Great looking guitar there. You don't see the 335-S in that color very often. Couple of questions are where did you find one, how much was it and what kind of case fits the 335-S? Thanks.
  5. I'd recommend the Schaller 456 bridge w/ fine tuning tailpiece combo. It is like a bridge with the fine tuning tailpiece attached. It is what I used on my Epiphone SG Jr. and a Jackson Firebird guitar. Works great. If it's good enough for Tony Iommi…
  6. yeah that was my thread. I figured they would do the 70s tributes eventually. Strange they went with mini buckers instead of the humbuckers people were upgrading to in most Les Paul Deluxes from the 70s that had minibuckers, most were swapped out for Dimarzio Super Distortions.
  7. I'm a bit confused as to why these 50's Tributes are still being shown as models available on this site. I thought the p-90 50's Tributes were limited to 120 each color which is why I own a few of each color. If they are still making them I will be pissed.
  8. Did these new Tributes have the roasted Maple fretboards? Not sure how they sound but they look like a very light Rosewood which to me seems cheap especially on a Made in the USA Gibson. I have several Tributes 50s and 60s and a new RD and I don't think I would have bought one with some kind of roasted maple without playing one first. I'm not a big fan of Rosewood to be honest, and I actually prefer Maple on strats but for Les Pauls Ebony is the best.
  9. Someobe mentioned a new batch of Tributes starting in December but I can't imagine a second batch of 60's Tributes. Is Gibson planning to continue the theme with 70's Tributes next with humbuckers?
  10. I got my Gold Top pretty quickly. I think I ordered it Tuesday or Wednesday and got it Friday. Plays nice but I didn't plug it in yet. Is there a simple fix to those who have this problem and do not replace the switch? Is it a simple resoldering job on cold solder joints or did this come down to all these having bum switches?
  11. Good point bluesguitar, I think you have convinced me. Now I will try to see if I can get one even at the $910 price.
  12. I am just hoping that the stars align and God is on my side to make a HoneyBurst and a Gold Top be available for the $849 (I passed on the GT from Sam Ash Direct (and also passed on a GT avail. from a forum member from HarmonyCentral) as I just couldn't justify $60 extra for sales tax when the other online retailers don't charge sales tax.) in the next coming months. This is my prayer!
  13. the other difference is the Special has a pair of 490 pickups whereas the Gothic is the 496R/500T combo, which is a much higher output set.
  14. Did anyone get a confirmation from Musician's Friend today that they did indeed receive guitars today? I'm sort of expecting a new arrival date of Sept or October like AMS.
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