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  1. I picked this up at a market today as you can see the headstock has broken and suffered a very bad repair it seems solid enough as is. I would like to build up the back of the neck and then take this hideous peice of wood off covering truss rod or replace it with something better. it looks like screws have been put in to top wooden piece, is it a 1984 model The good neck is straight, frets and electronis are good
  2. Not sure if guitars have to be genuine Gibson Looked at a guitar yesterday Vintage Electric Semi Acoustic Hollow Body 1970's Jazz Guitar Japan - $225 overall it's in great condition with very little buckle rash from an antique shop ES335 Style Sunburst. Sounds great, never seen a guitar add where it did not say Sounds great https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/bnc/...457407598.html It looks OK but on the frets, they were level from 12' th fret down there was just an inlaid metal frett denoting position that was flush to fingerboard except on the last 2 lower string the frett was raised as normal never seen this before I was thinking are these the so-called fretless wonder frets. I was wondering how you would bend a note it would be like playing violin The guitar was totally out of tune and covered with dust you could tell not been played in many years The headstock was also unusual as the top 1 inch had been sawn off square Maybe it was to avoid a lawsuit since it was Gibson looking and they had to truncate headstock to import. The guitar seemed to play OK no buzzing and extremely low action never seen action this low before the tremolo arm is missing looks like it would need one similar to a Fender Jaguar the long one. would be very hard to get a correct thread. Missing knobs no problem easy to get I know I can get this for a lot cheaper possibly $150 or maybe not as it's there collecting dust, and it might be a great find. I was attracted to it as I love Japanese made guitars. Having only ever played solid body guitar I was amazed at the sound I looked in a big guitar shop today at the ES-335's did not see any fretless like this I wish I had taken some close up pictures to post
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