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  1. The pics were shrunk to post. I can send higher quality pics if needed.
  2. I was told when I got this Kramer Pacer that it was built in the USA by/for Gibson. The serial number is 11072915270. I believe the pickups have been swapped. The tremolo is stamped Floyd Rose, the tuners are stamped Grover. I was told but did not see that in the bridge pickup route is written USA or Made In USA. Any information about this piece would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
  3. I got this Pacer classic series in a trade and was told it was an early one that was made by Gibson in USA before the import series were done. I'm pretty sure the pickups have been changed, but it does have Grover tuners and the bridge is marked Floyd Rose. aome that have seen pics say it is an Indonesian made, and if it is,that's fine. Just trying to find out for sure what I have and what it might be worth. Also, is there a way to decode serial number to get more details? Thanks!! Any info is greatly appreciated
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