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  1. Vielen Dank! :-) Wirklich sehr hübsch die Gibson. Alles gut, und wo in Deutschland, wenn ich fragen darf?
  2. Da ich gesehen habe, das es ein Germany Forum gibt und der ja schläft, dachte ich mir ich erwecke diesen mit einer Foto Challenge, postet doch mal eure schönen Gibsons. Hier meine Paula
  3. yes, I bought myself a 59´ Reissue Std Historic VOS and I was wondering too. But after several questions to the Custom Shop / Gibson Service I received following answer: The spirit of VOS is to give the appearance of an old guitar that has been fairly well maintained for 50+ years (57 years in this case) without lacquer cracks. VOS is supposed to look dull, and some guitars may have dings, dents, or scratches. Each guitar is done by human hands, one-at-a-time, so they will all vary in their ‘aged’ appearance and ‘wear’.
  4. Sorry for the Size 59` Historic Std STB:
  5. Hello from Cologne, Germany, I'm new to the forum, you can call me Tengri, 25 years old. I'm playing guitar since 2 years. At the beginning I bought and played my beautiful - 63´ ES-335, as you can see in my Picture. Today I'm playing my epic 59´ LP Standard Historic and this is a fantastic guitar. I could play it over hours. My favourite genre is Blues and I try to solo a lot, but I'm too much fixed on pentatonic and you can hear the scales and not the improvisation on the solo try with backing tracks. Do you have any tips to get out of the scales and play freely? I tried with different riffs like "so many roads" - by Joe Bonamassa or "the thrill is gone" - by BB King to break out of the scales, but then I only play the riff itself not my own style. I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone. ps here are 2 Pictures of my 2 Beauties Thanks in advance and best regards Tengri
  6. Hello Guys, I'm new to the forum. There is an offer on a LAB SERIES L5 and I wanted to ask can I play this amp in a low volume in my apartment or is it too loud? I love the Sound but I'm afraid that the amp is going to make my neighbours nervous :unsure: I would like to buy this Amp for my 63´ ES-335 and 59´ LP Std. If it is too loud, can you please give me an alternative from me from nowadays? Not Tube, just Modelling or Solid State. Thanks! best regards from Istanbul, Turkey
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