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  1. So I emailed Gibson support to ask about this, and appears that this one is pretty unique. It’s ‘non spec’ and looks like it’s slipped through the factory final inspection. So one of a kind, which I think is pretty cool it got through.
  2. Holty

    NGD ES-330

    That looks a great guitar. Waiting for delivery of one of these myself , they are very thin in the ground over here in the UK.
  3. On my search for one of the ‘61 reissues, ive come across one that has a crown inlay on the headstock. It’s a 2017 model. I haven’t seen another, was this done just towards the end of the run?
  4. Holty

    NGD ES-330

    Congrats on the ‘61, they play really well. I’m on the lookout for a natural one in the UK, but they seem thin on the ground now.
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