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  1. I have three very different guitars. My Jackson Browne, in English Walnut My Martin CSOM13 - a custom shop OM in Madi Rosewood with a 'moon cut' Italian Spruce top and my custom, mahogany-topped Martin 00-18V. Love them all and all get regular play. I can say that, in general, I love Martin small bodies more so than Gibsons and Gibson big bodies more so than Martins. The bass and midrange on the Gibson JB is everything I want in a guitar but the bass quality of the OM cannot be matched by any similarly sized Gibson. Same can be said for re: the 00.
  2. Great sound, thanks for sharing! It's the best guitar I've ever owned (the JB). I picked up a model A for less than $4200. Whoever pays $6k for it hasn't done their homework. The guitar's responsiveness is just incredible. It's the only gutiar I've ever owned that I can say that handles a flatpick just as easily, and cleanly, as it does fingerstyle. I know I couldn't be more pleased.
  3. I'd sorely miss my Jackson Browne. It's irreplaceable to me. That said, I love small body Martins so I'd spend more time with my 000's. I'd also play my SC OM/PW more, too.
  4. Am I playing it or just listening to it? If playing it, it's a REAL toss up between Michelle and Girl. Just listening, I'll go with Hey Jude. 'Pound for Pound' the best pop song ever written.
  5. On my J45 TV I always use Medium Elixer Nanowebs. After about an hour of play it just sounds...crunchy, woody - in other words, perfect. On my Jackson Browne I have alternated between Medium-Light Martin SP's (the PB's) and the Light Gibson Masterbuilt Premiums (also PB's). Oddly enough, to my ears, mediums on the JB just don't 'sing' the way I want them to.
  6. I bought mine (Model A) from Sweetwater for a great price. Same as I would have paid for it at EM Shorts. For me it's the LAST guitar I'd ever get rid of. It does EVERYTHING well. I love my J45 but it will go before my JB. It's by far the best guitar I've ever owned.
  7. I'd go with my Jackson Browne. Love the 45TV, but the JB is incredible. Best guitar I've ever owned.
  8. I test the harmonics, the fit, how it responds to an open E and G strum, then how it handles (or rather, how I handle) several scales. I like to place a capo at 8 to see how it fits in my hand on a song like "Girl" by the Beatles. As for specific songs, I really don't have one or several. For me it's about how the guitar strikes me when I just play it.
  9. Sell the AJ on eBay an skip the horror that is GC. Get one from EM Shorts or Dave's Guitar in LaCrosse, WI and you'll get a much better deal and a million times better service. Selling a used AJ should net $1600-$1800.
  10. Nice job! Something about The 45 that makes it such a singer's guitar. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I think your answer lies in your initial post: you're blown away by the AJ. Be satisfied with this. Make great music with it and enjoy the craft instead of thinking about being with another guitar. The good news with this strategy is that you can always get a 45 in a few years (God knows Gibson will never stop making them). Hone the craft of making great music, not the craft of buying great guitars, and you'll be much happier.
  12. I've found that I love Gibson dreads and Martin small bodies (Gibson small bodies do nothing for me). Here's my favorite Martin: It's basically a 000 28, except with an Italian Spruce top (Clapton Bellezza Nera). Great guitar with exceptional playability and sound.
  13. He's always been one of my favorites and while I love songs like 'Pretender,' 'The Road,' 'Rosie,' and 'Love Needs a Heart,' the song 'Something Fine' represents the pinnacle of his musical power to me. Ever since getting his signature Gibson I've been working on it and hope to post my own video of it soon. In the meantime, enjoy the incomparable Jackson Browne: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yufoq3T-z_w
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