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  1. I just got a new Epiphone 339 and it sounds great just the way it is...... no need to transform this one.
  2. I play a 50 watt Line6 Spyder III. I know Line6 stuff is not highly regarded in the realm of amps but I like it. I suggest you go out and try several different amps and pick the one that sounds the best for the money. Good Luck!
  3. z-clay

    My New Les Paul

    Thanks for the compliments. It was one of my better impulse decisions made under the diress of...............not being able to afford a Custom or a Reissue.
  4. My Iced Tea Traditional Plus.......I kinda wish I would have gotten a Light Burst but they were out of stock.
  5. GibSinCity- That is a beautiful Sparkle Custom.....uuuhhhhhhhhh! OP-The peacock Blue is cool but I agree that 4k is a lot of cash.......... just because its blue.
  6. I'd get someone on the phone and send it back. I just bought my Traditional from Guitar Center (same people as Musicians Friend I think) and it was perfect. You paid your hard earned money for a Pleked Gibson and it should play like one.....Dont settle for anything less. Another thought..........Perhaps they will let you exchange it in person at a local Guitar Center??? Best of luck to you.
  7. z-clay

    My New Les Paul

    Thanks everyone! I think I'm starting to get used to the fat 50's neck, its quite different than other necks that I have played. The 57' pickups have an incredible sound with nice thick harmonics. I've always wanted a 59' Reissue but never have been able to afford one..... But I think the top on my traditional is a nice consolation prize for a poor man like me.
  8. It's my first new Gibson.........ever! I was going to buy a Custom Shop Telecaster but ended up bringing this home.
  9. I buy from GC and usually have to make adjustments on what I buy. I actually prefer that they dont mess with it.
  10. Looks like a beaut. I'll bet she screams......HNGD!
  11. Awesome GoldTop lpfan. I love the soap bars... I'll bet they sound sweet. I originally wanted a GT but ended up getting my Amber Burst because none were available. Congrats.
  12. z-clay


    Very cool guitar. Congrats on the score.
  13. Hello John and Welcome. I dont know much about Casinos but I'm sure the friendly folks here can help. Good Luck!
  14. SCORE! Looks like a really nice one. Definitely a good catch.
  15. Here she is..... I found the guard in the case and put it back on.
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