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  1. Very nice but......I still think my guitar is "the coolest guitar ever".
  2. I think Mahogany sounds better......just my opinion. Nice Trio Maniac!
  3. A very thoughtful gift he can enjoy forever and hopefully pass it and the story down to his family. Very Cool!
  4. I always start off by loosening the strings before making a truss rod adustment. Next, I always go left at first to loosen it a bit to see how easy or hard it turns. If the bolt moves smoothly, I then twist it back to the right in the position I started at......now its time to tighten the bolt between 1/4 and 1/2 a turn only. A half turn on an already snug truss rod is actually a very large adjustment and I usually go with 1/4 to start and see how that does under normal string tension for a few days. However, if the bolt is hard to loosen initially....chances are that your rod has corrosion on the threads and the adjustment bolt should be completely removed. Once you have the bolt in your hands, put a small dab of waterproof grease neatly inside on the threads only (less is more, use sparingly). Now you are ready to reinstall the nut until it starts to snug. At the point it becomes initially snug.....this is ground zero to start your adjustment amount. Over tightening the rod or turning a stubborn turning bolt without lubrication may break the truss rod itself and make your instrument unplayable. Be careful.
  5. Yea...I'm double posting in my own thread :- ............ I just wanted to post a pic of my collection.
  6. My 2004 Standard was made in China and it has outstanding build quality. I'm very picky and could not find anything at all to fault about it. Show me the guy who made mine and I'll buy him a 6 pack!
  7. Thanks LPfan, HNGD to you on that SG400.
  8. z-clay

    1st post

    Bravo! I like your Custom the best but they all look like really nice guitars.
  9. I think it depends on the guitar. I'm still wrestling the question on my LP.
  10. Let it ride.....dents and dings are no big deal. Any time it bothers you, just take a look at Willie Nelson's guitar and you'll see they dont hurt the sound.
  11. Very cool guitar! I'd do some serious slide playing on it tonight before I dropped the action.......who knows when you'll get a chance to do that again.
  12. I've always been a believer in getting the desired tone from stock pickups by manipulating the volume and tone controls. I've played my Telecaster (with stock pickups) in bands with sets that ranged from Country to Metal and never had any effects but found out that if you want a sound bad enough...... you can make it happen regardless of what kind of pickups you have. You do need a decent amp with a gain channel. I know a few people that change out pickups quite a bit, but its funny how their stage sound doesnt change dramatically. LoL
  13. Thanks guys..... dcooper830- You have some nice Epiphones in your Avatar and I'm sure your collection is awesome. I'm going to see about adding a few more to mine...well at least one more hopefully this weekend. bvarsel- I glad you liked that....its so true!
  14. Yes, Fake Epiphones are popping up on sites like IOffer and Ebay. I've seen a Spiderman and a few Zak's.
  15. Thanks mgrmatt I appreciate the welcome and think this is a cool forum. Is your signature guitar one of the New Epiphone plaintop standards with the custom shop logo on back of the headstock? I'm getting one of those that I played last week if its still at the store this Friday..........These Epiphones are hard to walk away from with just one. They seem to have their own sound and it varies from guitar to guitar. Thanks RaSTuS- I dont really consider it a marrige because I plan on keeping this guitar way longer than those last. LoL
  16. Nice Ultra!, I played a nice Orangeburst one with a beautiful quilted top in Guitar Center last weekend and someone else bought it 5 minutes later. LoL
  17. Thanks Axe, I'm playing the hell out of this thing so I think I'll leave the guard on for now. LoL
  18. Thanks guys, I could barely sleep last night....got up extra early to jam before work. LoL Gord- The amber definitely caught my eye, it has a different look from almost everyone that I looked at. Jagg11- You have a nice collection. I may get another Epiphone LP later..... There was a new plaintop one that I really liked. It was a tobacco burst plaintop standard with amber tinted logo and binding. It also had an "Epiphone Custom Shop" decal (under the finish) on the back of the headstock. It was nice. jcwillow- The amber flame is nice without the guard. Hmmm.... I may be removing the guard a few times before I finally decide.
  19. I like the pearl guard on Blue's LP. Swoop, A bandsaw might be a bit difficult on trimming a plastic guard. Do have access to a Dremel tool? ....anyway good luck!
  20. Thanks MichaelE, I appreciate it. I just found the cream guard in the case and installed it. I like this look better.
  21. Thanks Swoop, I'm totally stoked over it. I'm getting a really fat sound that my old Tele just wont make. I must have played 20 Les Pauls over the past week and this one is the winner. I'm very satisfied.
  22. I've been playing Fender Telecaster reissues for a long time but recently decided to buy a Les paul. I had all intentions of buying a Gibson.......... and ended up choosing an Epiphone. This guitar just felt like "the one".
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