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  1. I see your point. The truth is that I just couldnt afford what I wanted and I threw a tantrum. I apologize if I offended anyone. At this point.....I'm just going to be a big boy about things and keep saving until I get enough for a new Custom. Thanks
  2. z-clay

    Bad Inlay Work?

    Thanks for all of the replys and advice. I ended up passing on this particular Standard. The guitar was reasonably priced at $1699.00 but I will admit that I'm picky on workmanship. I looked at several Traditionals this weekend because they are close to my price range but I didnt like any of them. I was telling a friend of mine about how hard it is to find a decent Les Paul and he said that I should try his Custom......... I loved it but found out its $3500.00 for a new one. I guess I'm just going to keep playing my Telecaster. I was so ready to buy a Les Paul and basically came up empty and disappointed.
  3. I went to Guitar Center yesterday to purchase a Les Paul and found a 2006 Standard cherry burst with a plus top. However, the rosewood board was very pale in color and the 9th position inlay had a considerable gap on the treble side that had been filled with that dark glue commonly seen on cheaper guitars with ill fitting inlays. The guitar is not marked 2nd. Is this a common occurance on Gibson products? Is their any remedy for fixing this ?
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