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  1. John North Wright - TEENAGE, TEENAGE VOLLEYBALLERS. Learn it, live it, love it!

    Will check out your new recordings. Cannot wait to hear more of your killer riffing and freak out the squares tone.

    Have you heard this OD pedal - Germ by Prescription Electronics? It's a Ge OD + booster. So gritty. I want one, badly.

  2. New MBV album at EOY? Please let it be real! Shields has teased us before with promises of a new album of new material. At least they reissued the e.p.s earlier this year.

  3. ProCo is great. I miss them because I had a friend that worked there. He built me a Rat once and I used to get their cables cheap.

    Don't worry about the Small Stone knob. I am kind of digging the pink chicken head. It says this pedal is a freak; squares beware!

  4. Brother, been meaning to write and say how much I am digging my Small Stone now. She's so rich and creamy; very different animal than my Phase90. Thanks again.

  5. btw nothing wrong with putting your rack tom in a basket. I like that better than mounting it to the kick drum.

  6. Wow! That is a killer drum set. The quilted finish reminds me of a vintage Gretsch kit. Bet they sound amazing. Glad to see he uses coated heads too (I think they have better tone).

  7. Are there any good schematics for the Klon? I heard the orig builder would put black goop over the components to mask them; not unlike the Harmonic Percolator.

  8. btw I loved the sky blue 808 you made. That knob layout is sexxee.

  9. Pretty sweet, eh? Very different tone wise from a TS9. I run them like this

    1. Fuzz Factory (so it can oscillate)

    2. F-word Overdrive (set for medium dirt)

    3. OD808 (set for very light dirt)

    The OD808 is brighter so it freshens up the F-word.

  10. Can you finish your thoughts on the board, brother? Your comment got cut off at "Btw I'll agree on this forum b..."

  11. btw, found this Brazilian band called Loomer. Reminds me of those great Shoegazer bands of the 90s - http://mmrecords.com.br/200910/loomer/

  12. I did. Sorry, been super busy &, to be honest, this site isn't doing it for me. I'm too weird for the conservative seventies rockers here. And yes, too many Strats. BLECH!

    Love your pedal setup. Was the sparklef'er a custom build? I rock an F-word OD and love it. Very gravelly (is that a word?). Sometimes I run it into my OD808 for walls of sonic assault. ...

  13. Ace! What's your full pedal line up? We can compare. btw I need to get my small stone mod'd by Dub. He swaps resistors to fix the volume drop issue.

  14. RE: your post (sorry I am late responding; was out of town).

    LOL for sure. And your responses were ace.

  15. RE: My mod'd Fuzz Face - Not sure what trannies they put in her. The first mod they did had extremely low output. Then they worked on it more and fixed the volume issue. Have no idea what they did. I can try taking a photo if you like.

    I also remembered that this pedal was mod'd when I got it (story for another time). Someone had put one Ge and one Si trannie in her. We...

  16. I like your style, brother. One of my all time fav SY songs is Expressway to Yr Skull. If you get the 12" version, that dancing feedback at the end is a lock groove.

  17. Thanks for the link, brother. Is there anything better than Dylan and The Band?

  18. Your Neil Young avatar is the mad notes!

    When you back in town? Keeping music EVIL?

  19. Thanks for the congrats, brother. Just got home from the hospital today. Pretty amazing.

  20. I always thought the Woolly Mammoth was a bass fuzz. It's a pretty meaty, eh?

    If the Klon doesn't happen, can I have you build me a SHO clone?

  21. Klon, eh? Please keep me posted. I would throw down some cash for a good Klon klone. The originals I have heard demos of, you can tell it's not true bypass. You gonna change that?

    You know my main man Lee "Lee is Free" Ranaldo rocks one on his board.

  22. We are friends now. Rock!

  23. Back from vacation, but my mind is not. Did miss my SGs a lot, though.

  24. On my vacation I relaxed a lot, drank some beers, bbq'd, swam in Lake Huron, and made a few side trips to Detroit. If you're ever in the thumb of MI, make sure you drive up M25 to Port Austin. Amazing beauty for sure.

  25. Sorry I missed your post. Was out of town all week in rural MI. No internet. Pretty relaxing.

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