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  1. EVOL!


    Congrats on the new acoustic. What's the brand name on that strap? I used to have that exact one for my acoustic, lost it, and have not been able to find a replacement because I don't remember the brand name. Yes, I liked the strap that much.
  2. Glad to hear the gig went well. Bet you had them at Otis Redding. Only squares don't dig on his jams.
  3. Louder than Love was my introduction to Sound Garden too. Killer album. I think I need to dig my copy out and dust it off.
  4. I picked up the Slowdive s/t and got my own copy of Coltrane's A Love Supreme, both on vinyl. The later was a late b-day gift from my brother in law.
  5. [thumbup] I got to see these cats for my birthday back in March. Magical. The microtonal guitars are something else.
  6. Thank you everyone for the thumbs ups and kind words.
  7. EVOL!


    That sounds killer!
  8. EVOL!


    Thanks, brother. I may take you up on that. I ran the PT999 at rehearsal last night and while it sounds great, it is very subtle and I found myself missing the wall of sound my Phase 90 produces. Maxon does boast that the PT999 runs negative feedback of the signal to each phase-shifting FET for less distortion. I'll shoot you an email with the list of symptoms. indeed. When I was shopping for delays, I loved the Maxons' sound, but I wanted modulation so I went with Malekko. I hope you can find a replacement.
  9. And someone labeled us a power pop. Boy, are they going to be surprised.
  10. XD You know, every time I type our band name that pops into my head.
  11. EVOL!


    I hope I won't miss the distorted mid boost my late 70s Phase 90 had. That pedal was as subtle as a jet plane landing on your roof.
  12. EVOL!


    That video mentions internal trim pots, but I highly doubt mine has them since the bottom plate is attached with Torx like screws. Only the battery compartment is accessible.
  13. EVOL!


  14. EVOL!


    Lately my old and very used Phase 90 has been acting up so I decided to get something new. I've been eyeing one of these PT999s for a while, but could not justify buying it until now. When I ordered it, it seemed like this was one of the last ones in stock. I doubt Maxon would discontinue it. Maybe they are out of stock until they manufacture more? I'll run it through the paces tonight at rehearsal and give her a good workout at my show this Friday. Can you tell that I'm knob averse?
  15. Hey everybody. Hope you are all doing well. My little two piece band has a show this Friday. I don't think anyone here lives in Chicago, so this is more broadcasting personal good news. We're The Bending of Light.
  16. EVOL!

    Show us your SG's

    Just because I feel like posting a new photo
  17. After the flat earth thing runs its course, "oil is abiotic" will be the next big thing.
  18. The rare ebony stain. Love that color. Mine is the standard cherry.
  19. EVOL!


    Another vote for the nut being the issue. Over 90% of tuning issues I have ever seen are with the nut. Gibsons also have the special feature of the middle strings coming off the nut slot, to the tuner, at an angle. This can mean more binding and decreased tuning stability for players doing a lot of bending or ham handed Neanderthals like me. So my advice, echoing what was said 1. Try lubing the nut slots and bridge saddles. There are a lot of lubes specially for nuts out there. 2. Get a new nut. Graph Tech makes a self lubricating nut that is supposed to be excellent.
  20. Beautiful! Cannot wait to hear your report.
  21. EVOL!

    show your sg

    Nice Classic! It's my favorite SG model and my main axe.
  22. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/music/kot/ct-velvet-underground-50th-anniversary-ae-0226-20170222-column.html
  23. EVOL!

    LA Traffic

    That was killer. Really solid. Who was the foxy lady at the end of the video?
  24. EVOL!

    Howdy and NGD

    She's a beauty for sure. I love the look of that finish. My favorite thing about this model is the pickups. How can you go wrong with a set of 57 Classics?
  25. Beat me to it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TScCqHlBag0
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