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  1. Morty, When we started producing guitars again in late July the Gold Top 50's Tributes took awhile to get going. They just started trickling out of Nashville a couple of weeks ago. We now have a good number in the production pipeline. Here's the catch for you. We ship via ocean container to our Europe warehouse which means a four to six week time-frame between leaving Nashville and guitars starting to show up at UK and European dealers. I don't know where you stand in line, within the customer orders Andertons has taken, but it looks like they will get a handful of Goldtops toward the end of September or early October. They will recieve more Gold Tops a month or two after that initial batch. That's about as close an answer as we can give right now. And believe me, we are planning an producing more than 96 Gold Tops. Hope that helps Kevin Young
  2. I just checked PMT-Manchester orders. DO NOT CANCEL THAT ORDER! That specific store has all finishes on order so I will assume your Goldtop order is valid. Be patient. The guitar will be made and shipped to Manchester soon.
  3. Please let us clarify the production plan for the Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute. 60 guitars were shipped prior to May 1. The rest of the run will be completed based on a "month by month" plan August through December. We are trying to give dealers, with valid orders on our books, an estimate of when their(Your)order will be fulfilled. That means we tell them the month we believe an order should be fulfilled. It's not perfect but at least it's an estimate. One last thing. We did not oversell this Limited Run. When we hit the order limit, we programmed our order entry system to stop allowing any more orders. But this could mean, if your dealer's order is toward the end of the line, it could be December before you see that guitar. We hope this helps. And, once again, thanks for your unwavering support. You all are amazing!
  4. We have Distribution Centers in Europe and Japan that feed product out to those dealers. We also ship to those location by boat so the guitars won't actually make it into dealer store fronts until a month or so from now. You will see lots more shipping into the U.S. over the next few weeks.
  5. We are shooting for getting guitars out the door again last week of July. There will more than likely be some LP Studio 50's Tributes in that group of guitars. I am going to do a status update every week on the Gibson eBlast to let you know what dealers were shipped Tributes. Thanks for your patience. Gibson USA Product Manager
  6. ALL FIVE FINISHES OF THIS "LIMITED RUN" MODEL ARE NOW SOLD OUT TO OUR DEALERS! *Please check with your favorite Gibson dealer to find out what they ordered and what they may have available for you to order. Les Paul Studio loaded with P-90's for how much? Orange Drop Capacitors on a Gibson USA model that costs how much? Faded finishes that look vintage.........Worn White against cream plastic...That's not right, but it is............Gold Top? Did we mention "This is a Limited Run Gibson USA model". $1,399 Retail Price. Ask your local dealer for details. Shipping soon. "In honor of the decade that gave birth to rock and roll Gibson USA is proud to present the acclaimed Les Paul Studio in a unique new package. The new Les Paul Studio ’50s Tribute model embodies the look and tone of the great original Les Pauls from the 1950s, at a price that fits the wallets of today’s hardworking musicians. Ever since its introduction in 1983, the Les Paul Studio model has been enormously popular with players seeking the power and versatility of the original Les Paul Standard in a ready-for-action package, with a price to match. The Les Paul Studio ‘50s Tribute sticks to the script entirely, but its five worn ’50s-style finishes and meaty dual single-coil P-90 pickups give it a look akin to classics from the decade of the Les Paul’s birth, so much so that you’ll be doing a double-take to check it’s not an original 55-year-old Lester!"
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