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  1. looks like a dunlap locking strap button. if there is one at the bottom of the body too thats a good thing. nonlocking guitar straps can slip off while playing. protect that les paul
  2. yes naptha or Goo be gone. automotive carnuba wax should work. rub it in real fine and good. let it dry to the White haze. buff with a new terry cloth or micro fiber
  3. simple. measure the E TO E string spread saddle notch to saddle notch on the bridge with a millimeter 6 inch rule. it could be 2 inch or 2.25 inch or 2.50 inch Go to www. philadelphialuthier supply.com and under "bridges and tailpieces" find Koren or asian import bridges. spend the extra money on a stainless steel bridge or aluminum bridge. tailpiece upgrade. avoid zice plated. call them if you need to they will help you. note stainless steel will transfer string vibration the best aluminum tailpiece will give you less sustain. stainless more
  4. i got a set of the epi alnico classic pro pu's off ebay a while ago. They are a good play all gener pu my opinion. I got them installed in an old epi les paul that is my practice guitar. good enough for when im practicing. I just use the bridge position. if yours sound muddy use a .010 or a .0068 tone capacitor.
  5. When your not playing your guitar store it in a hard shell case. that the BEST way to protect it and its not any more work than keeping it on a stand.
  6. i always liked playing "looking out my back door" along with half a doven other great songs from CCR
  7. Pick ups are personal preference. you can swap them out anytime with the one(s) you like. sounds like the Guitars you have in mind are all Epiphone. You can get Epi pickups on ebay and the slow boat from china online store (ali express). My experience with the tone and the way they sound depends on the guitar. Gibson and epiphone are producing Chambered out guitar bodys like a les paul to reduce weight. that effects the guitar tone. Me I like a 12 DC resistance alnico 2 humbucker and or a 11 dcr out put Alnico 5 on a chambered out guitar body. I had good results with a seymour Duncan JB 16
  8. Locking Tuners is the 1st hardware upgrade I install on my new guitars. Grover 502's drop in replacement. you get less sustain with a less or lighter aluminum TOM tail piece.
  9. Get a lighter tail piece. an aluminum Gotoh TOM tail piece is one of the lightest. Light tail piece = less sustain. A Heavy stainless steel tail piece = more sustain. the Gibson OEM tail piece fall in the middle.
  10. Zamak is a high grade form of Zinc. Tone pros rocks because of the the little set screw that locks it to the bridge post. Great tone improvement. The string spread is a bit wider from E to E on the tone pros. Gibson specs are a 2 inch spread. measure your guitar E to E spread. make sure before you buy. A Stainless Steel bridge will give you the greatest tone enhancing improvement. A stainless steel Nashville bridge from"Philadelphia Luthier Supply".com has a 2 inch E to E string spread. An ABR-1 Stainless Steel bridge from "Calliham Guitars.com" you'll have to notch the bridge saddles. a
  11. Yes the braided shield is grounded. Try spaying the inside sweeper of your scratchy volume pot with some electrical contact cleaner. Dust and debris can accumulate.
  12. Have the Guitar Pleked. It's worth it. a Plek machine will correct any dead spots.
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