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  1. Hi - I think this topic fits this sub-forum. I'm wondering what others use to record video of band gigs. My son plays in a band, and we like to record it to watch later. He likes to critique songs, look for goofs, whatever. It's fun. I've got an older Canon Vixia which creates MP4 files that can be viewed on a computer OK. I want to author some DVD's and put titles, graphics in, etc. I have Corel Video Studio X10 which will do this, but once it converts the MP4 files from my Canon, they look like crap and are all pixelated. I'm pretty sure I'm using the program correctly. I think it comes down to the quality of the video camera. Any suggestions? I don't want to break the bank, so let's say < $500
  2. Follow up. I had decided to have it professionally repaired since it was so big. I'm in the States, Seattle area. I took it to a very reputable (and expensive) shop. $80/hr and it took over an hour of shop time to fix (+ another small pockmark on back of neck which was irritating). The picture here is not clear, but if you look close in person you can tell, it's impossible to match colors completely. Overall, looks good. This won't become a habit though. If you want more info send me a message.
  3. Yes, that is the one. We swapped out the black knobs for white ones and the switch tip.
  4. 2017 model, which came out late 2016. Gibson wasn't making a White V for a few years before that.
  5. OK, thanks. I was thinking also that the affected area could "grow"
  6. I'm just afraid of doing a botch job and making it look worse (like those celebs with plastic surgery gone bad...) Matching the paint would be difficult and also getting the right type of nitro finish. At this point I'm leaning towards doing nothing.
  7. Need some advice. My son plays in a band, his Flying V is his workhorse. Close quarters during practice, I dunno, stuff happens. We talk about taking care of the expensive instruments... Latest problem, BIG finish damage on one of the wings, see pic. I'm kinda handy, we could try to repaint, dub with nitro and buff to smooth. I've done some fixes on guitars. This is a pretty big biff though. Question: would an attempted fix just look like a botch job, and should we just leave it and let it take it's battle scars? If fixing, how can I get Alpine White touch up paint from Gibson? What type of Nitro to seal with? I know the steps: paint, apply Nitro in layers, sand, layer, ultimately buff w/heat.
  8. Hi - I'm new here. Been playing guitar since I was about 14, peaked when I was 15. My son found my old guitar under the bed when he was about 5, and has had a guitar in his hands ever since. Guess who is the best player in the family? Anyway, he has a nice SG-J, and a 2017 Flying V which is his workhorse in his band. It's also the one that had a "accident", will post in repair forum...
  9. Help! I can't reply to topics or start a new topic. What to do?

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