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  1. Hi everyone! What is exactly a great acoustic guitar? According to you, what could make an acoustic guitar great? The sound of course (there's no objective definition of what a great sound is supposed to mean, that's a personal matter, would one reply to me: is that obvious? i wonder. What about finish, varnish, bracings and other criteria? The opinions and points of vue coming from my fellow colleagues as guitar players and gibson acoustic aficionados would be extremely helpful to me and certainly to anyone ineterested in this, but also to anyoneis looking for a guitar they want to buy by any chance. Therefore my friends, express yourselves & the more post i get from all of you & the better i would feel! With thanks & best wishes. Peace.
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  4. Congrats on your purchase Roy! Drathbun is right: the most important matter in this is when a guitar sings to you & a Hummingbird certainly sings a great deal. I hope you're as happy with your 2018 HB as i am with my 2017 HB. As i wrote before on those Gibson forums, the Hummingbird is the Queen of them all. Enjoy any day you have the opportunity to play this beauty because the sound will be better and better i promise. All the best.
  5. I use Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Lights 12-53 on my Hummingbird & Dean Markley Blue Steel Med Ligtht 12-54 on my Martin D28.
  6. Hi John, I use Gibson Masterbuilt Premium 12-53 Lights on my Hummingbird. This certainly is what i would recommend: the sound is great & this is the perfect gauge one could use on a Hummingbird IMHO. Besides, those strings can last a real long time and they're not much expensive. Being assumed you live in the US, to find them would not be difficult; being supposed you live outside the US, you could find them quite easily on the Thomann website at reasonable prices. Best wishes from France.
  7. Congrats on your purchase, Mike: i can feel your enthusiasm & understand it. The fact is the HD35 volume is just terrific: a great big sound. On the one hand, this certainly is due to the 1/4" scalloped braces which would accentuate the treble, but on the other hand the three-piece back plays an important part in the whole thing as well because it would enhance the bass. The guys from Martin started to make three-piece backs at the time because they had to face important economical problems and criticisms sometimes have been made as regarding the visual aspect of it, but the fact is that those backs proved to have a genuine consequence regarding the sound, the evidence is that nowadays D35 & HD35 models are highly praised by Martin aficionados. I believe that one could be real hard-pressed before they find a guitar able to sound louder than a Martin HD35, to put it in the mildest words, but although its volume is big, one must keep in mind that's not all: the tone is powerful but definetely warm and clear as well. I do have a D28 i bought in June 1997 & i really love it, but my love struck remains my 2017 Hummingbird i bought last year. Best wishes.
  8. Yes, thanks for posting the video, JC and thanks to you Bozz for your post as well. May i expose my opinion on that basis, please. As regarding the video first: the video certainly is interesting, i mean it: it can give you either a clue or an idea regarding the difference between two brands. The fact is that sooner or later, the whole thing would look approximate and not much relevant. The most important thing is to try those guitars for yourself in order to get a proper idea regarding them, because the individual player is the last judge in the end. To look at a video and to try a guitar for yourself is as different as a comparison between a 10 x 15 centimeters postcard of Mona Lisa vs. the original painting made by Leonardo when you have the opportunity to look at it once at the "Musee du Louvre" in Paris, and so to speak. Being kept in mind that each guitar remains an individual guitar as well and two Dove's could sound quite differently although the guitar model remains the same. As regarding the comparison between Dove & HB, the both guitars are very much different and am not quite sure that they'd have to be compared given their differences are quite a few. Once i tried a Dove and i was looking for a terrific experience and the one i played on this special occasion didn't sound that much, i was quite disappointed. Regarding the Hummingbird,she's the Queen of them all, as i previously wrote on this website.
  9. Perfectly true: i've tried one three years ago and it did sound terrible and unbalanced, let's forget it; then i tried another one on the very last year and purchased this beautiful lady immediately. It did change my life!
  10. As i wrote previously on the topic you initiated regarding Torrefication, i certainly am able to understand your interest in the sound delivered by fried guitars. The fact remains i feel much frightened by torrefication because this is an artificial and human process, not a natural process that nothing but time could ever deliver. How would torrefied guitars look and/or feel and/or behave in year 2028, or 2038? Frankly, i wonder... Once again, this is my personal opinion. On the other hand, i'm glad to hear your words regarding modern HB's. With thanks and compliments as regarding the music you're making besides.
  11. Many thanks for your kind words, Sal.
  12. Sorry, my HB is definetely not torrefied: this is a Standard model and quite exactly a Heritage Cherry Sunburst 2017. Please, see this: http://www.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/2017/Hummingbird-Standard.aspx
  13. Thanks for your words. As regarding wild theories available here & there on guitars, sometimes one can hear or read things that sound curious; what matters the most is what your own pair of ears can feel and one's personal judgement would have a proper ground on that but one basis: the individual would judge in first and last resort. As regarding the types of projection, the fact is that kinda thing remains quite difficult to explain with words: i'm aware this argument sounds rather disappointing, but projection is quite a difficult thing to deal with because this is one thing when a player hears the sound of the guitar they're playing here & now and this would be something quite different when guitar is played by someone else. The fact is when you hear a D18 and a HB, the both projections are quite present, obvious, certainly significant but definetely different, because the volume and the timbers of them both guitars are not the same, and articulation would differ as well. As far i can remember, projection delivered by the D18 remains big, quite direct, immediate, almost nervous, responsive & brilliant especially trebles which sound very clear (as regarding bass strings, the fact is their sound is quite moderate & that's the main point). On the other hand, projection delivered by a HB seems much more complex, rich and very warm: shades are much more subtle, this lady is truly responsive and bass strings sound big, profound and noble. As regarding your question about the Firebird, the answer is negative. At this point i'm not sure that anything would ever match a HB.
  14. Hi everyone, Many interesting topics can be found on Gibson Forums here. Anyway, i play a Hummingbird Cherry Sunburst 2017 and i believe this is the very best guitar i've ever heard, being kept in mind that i have a Martin D 28 as well. I would be delighted to hear what my fellow Gibson acoustic players think about the Hummingbird 2017 and to share some opinions with them regarding this beautiful guitar. With thanks. Peace.
  15. I can agree with this statement entirely. What i find real amazing is the big difference between the Martin D18 & the Gibson Hummingbird whilst both of them are spruce tops and mahogany back and sides and they sound definetely not the same despite this: i have realized this the very day i had the opportunity to try them both. Nevertheless, it remains quite difficult to explain what's going on with a sound with words. The fact is that one's reaction would be individual when faced to such a kind of situation. To this one, the D18 would be better and to that one the HB would be the best. IMHO, the Hummingbird is definetely the Queen of them all.
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