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  1. I do! It's great!!! I can DEFINITELY hear the difference between it and the Epiphone. I actually plugged them both in, same exact setting, same everything, and you could for sure tell the Gibson was much more clear and "hotter" sounding. Has a lot more punch to it! The only negative thing I can say is the strings it came with feel like some kind of hybrid BS. I also want to set it up where the action is a little bit lower, but then again, it might feel that way to me cause of the whacky strings that came on it. I just like plain jane Clearatone 10-46. Was this thing supposed to come with some kind of authenticity papers or is that just for the higher end Les Pauls? The only thing it came with that seemed somewhat close to that was some check list thing with 2 signatures on it that I supposed are from the guys that built the guitar
  2. Well guys, I got it! Love it. What is the picture inside the case that came with the guitar..? Is this a picture of it from the factory?
  3. I like the binding, but it's not a must have. The biggest must haves for me is a pick guard and the chrome cover on the pickups. What is a "poker chip"..?
  4. Going to get it tomorrow! Called Guitar Center and they have her on hold in the back waiting on me.. I'm really happy that I'm actually getting my first Gibson tomorrow (aside from the '58 J45 that was passed down to be from my grandma.) To be quite honest with y'all, the main reason I've always wanted to get a Gibson Les Paul is simply tradition.. My family is very very musically inclined. Both of my grandpas, my dad, my older brother, and my grandma have always played nothing but Gibson guitars. My dad used to play music professionally, so I was born and raised around Gibson. And all of them put in some hard work and sweat to earn their first Gibson. So it feels pretty cool to me that I'm 17 (turning 18 tomorrow) and keeping the tradition rolling. I'm also saving up some more after this to go find me a used SG for a good price... I was actually really eye balling an American Strat that I really like to get next, but when I think of it, I'd feel like I'm betraying the tradition of Gibsons, so next axe is an SG. I'd like to have 2 good guitars to play live (one for standard, other for 1/2 step down) so that's what I'm gonna do! Really excited to pick it up tomorrow! Thanks again folks
  5. Yeah I was looking at that Philiedelpha website but there isn't a way to see what it looks like after you customize it. I'll probably just get a blank cover from Gibson and have someone engrave it
  6. I looked it over throughly, couldn't​ find anything wrong at all. The guitar looks and feels like what a Gibson should be. Yesterday I had it going through a vox ac30 and I've never heard anything more beautiful
  7. I thought the same, but the cover already has Tribute engraved on it.. I was thinking maybe order a blank cover from Gibson and then take it somewhere for it to be engraved..?
  8. Update- Went back to Guitar Center about an hour to play it again and make sure I like. I fell in love with it even more! I'll be getting it this Saturday. One of the guys showed me what to use to condition the board. I'm kind of jumping the gun here, but I have another question.. Does anyone know where I can get a custom truss rod cover for the LP? I'd love to get one put on it with my bible verse on it. I've looked up some people that do it, but I'm wondering if any of y'all have personally done this and where to get it. If possible I want a genuine Gibson cover.. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks for all of this! I apologize for all the reading.. I actually just had a guy offer a 2012 SG Standard to me for $850, which is a deal! But... I reallllyyy would prefer a Les Paul. I've played SG's, they are nice, but the feel of the Les Paul and what I love This is my first time really "guitar hunting," and I'll tell you, it's a complete adventure.
  10. Thanks for the info! What year is yours? The 21018 has the 498T which is supposed to be "less lazy."
  11. Nah the board looks fine! I just don't understand why it has that dry feeling. Niw that I think of it, I did play an ES-335 that had the same dry feeling to it, and I also played an actual 60's reissue that was $5k that felt somewhat dry. My Epiphone never felt like that, and every fender I've played hasn't felt dry either. A friend of mine that got a 2017 Explorer said his felt dry too and he conditioned it with lemon oil..
  12. I agree, but again, I'm kinda worried about the quality control issue that I keep hearing Gibson is having these days. I'll most likely end up with it, but I just wanted 2nd thoughts on the subject. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I'm about to get my first "good" electric guitar probably by this weekend if my mind is made up. After years of the ole Epiphone Les Paul (still a great guitar,) it's time to upgrade as my band and I are about to start gigging, and I want a good guitar for it. I'm really interested in the Les Paul Tribute T for $1100. I played it at Guitar Center and love it! Had it going through a Crush Pro 120, and it rocked! I have a few questions that maybe some of y'all could help me out with though.. Bare me with me because like I said, this is going to be my first good electric guitar.. 1- The one thing I'm concerned about is the stuff I've been reading about Gibson's quality issues nowadays, which has me concerned about this guitar being a 2018. From the feel of it, it felt like a true American Gibson that was not cheap, but felt like a workhorse guitar.. What are y'alls thoughts about this whole "quality issue" deal, and is it something to be worried about? 2- The bridge pickup.. The 2017 has the 490T, the 2018 has the 498T.. What's the difference sound wise? 3- The one thing that kinda caught my attention was how dry the fretboard (rosewood) was.. I've felt this on many other guitars, but didn't expect it on a Gibson.. My understanding now is that rosewood fretboards need to be conditioned? 4- Does anyone own this guitar, and how has it been? All in all, my BIGGEST concern is the QC issue I've been hearing about Gibson having right now. I'm 17 about to be 18, and have spent time saving up the $$$ for a Gibson, so I just want to make sure I'm doing right and not getting some junk.... Personally, I love the guitar. It plays great, and the sound is heaven.. But again, the QC...... Thanks for any help guys.. I've always loved Gibson guitars ever since my grandma passed down a 1958 J45 to me, but as far as ownership of their electrics, I'm new. Thanks again
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