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    That looks great! Enjoy the guitar 🙂
  2. Hi, I was searching the electric guitars on Gibson's website (https://www.gibson.com/Custom-Shop), and when I looked at the description for some of the guitars, I noticed that the fretboard material says 'Solid Ebony'. I haven't been in-tune with all of the NAMM update, but does this mean all new LPC going forward will have ebony fretboards again? Thanks, Daniel
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  4. Reeeeelax... we're just talking guitars over here. Either you like them or you don't, which it sounds like you don't. No need to swear, anyone who asks you to try one just wants your honest opinion of something new, and nothing else. No one is going to force you to buy what you don't want.
  5. Just wondering what do you mean when you say it was a breadboard? Also, what was it about the guitar that you wouldn't recommend? Or is it purely based on your style of play?
  6. I'm pretty sure they would want to verify it is authenticate before issuing any new certificates. You might have to send them your guitar for this.
  7. I think it all depends on what Gibson believes they can sell and make a profit from making. Just because Gibson will now 'focus on guitars', doesn't necessarily mean they will introduce 10 more bass models to compete with the Fender P/J basses. But if more orders came in for the Thundebird, I am sure Gibson would introduce variants in the following year. I grew up playing bass, and never really took to the Thunderbird, but I think the Gibson LP and SG guitars are the best out there. Which is fine, because you don't have to like everything a company offers. The tough part is that Gibson has been around a long time, and have introduced models that guitarists love and want no drastic changes. As we have seen in recent years, any deviation from the standard formula has been ridiculed and players have asked for better quality control rather than improvements in design. If Gibson were to try to introduce a bass model that was a P-Bass copy, would anyone buy it or would they still prefer the Fender original? My guess is that people would still opt for the Fender P-Bass. Didn't Fender also try to introduce the Dimension basses a few years back? To me, those basses looks like Sting Rays, and I don't think they were offered for more than 1-2 years either.
  8. dh2087


    The LP looks very elegant
  9. I don't know how to verify anything you are asking, but man that is a nice guitar! I wouldn't be surprised if Gibson has tons of overstock hiding away somewhere in their warehouse. I would love to know if they have any 2013 SG Deluxe guitars stashed away :)
  10. The most important thing is that you are happy with the guitar. Everyone else's opinion should matter much less than yours when it comes to making the purchase, unless there is a fundamental design flaw or poor craftsmanship that you need to be informed about. For me, I've never been a fan of mini-humbuckers, so I would always go for the Traditional or Standard models. There were a lot of features in 2014/2015 that people didn't like though, not particular to the Deluxe model. As for G-Force, I didn't appreciate not having the option on most models to stick to the manual tuners. And just about that time, I was searching for my first LP. When I thought about all the guitar-heroes I looked up to over the years, I couldn't remember any of them using a G-Force system, and because of that I couldn't pull the trigger on one of the 2014/2015 models. Not for my first LP. That being said, I like how Gibson has reserved the G-Force tuners for the HP models, and think they go quite well with those guitars. Now that I already own a 'traditional' LP, I am very open to purchasing another one with G-Force as it looks very convenient.
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