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  1. Yes ... The "Les Paul 100", metal nut, and automatic tuners are all not highly popular offerings. It sure is pretty though ... very nice looking guitar with a nice top and cool color. A new Les Paul Classic goes for $2K. I'd put yours at around $1300-1500, depending on how quickly you want to move it.
  2. Okay, then. Wow. Another Les Paul Standard, then? What year? (and good for you, by the way)
  3. Maybe I am not the DLR apologist after all, because I am not defending Dave's bad vocals whatsoever. Furthermore, I had no interest in seeing the re-formed Van Halen with Dave when he re-joined Van Halen in the 2000s because I knew just how bad his singing was. In fact, I was likely the only one strongly wishing that they would get Gary Cherone back in the band. The VH III era is often unfairly dismissed. Cherone can absolutely sing, and their album together was a lot better than people give it credit for. Just because it sold poorly compared to the Hagar albums is not the fully definitive measure of quality rock and roll.
  4. Yeah, super nice guitar. Although I am not sure our "ever important" opinions were ever really properly considered by the OP ... LOL
  5. Enter me ... always the David Lee Roth apologist ... How I got this role, I am not wholly sure ... Ahhh, the struggles of Dave's voice ... First off, Dave was never a "great pure singer". He only got the Van Halen gig initially because he came from rich SoCal parents so he had a PA and other gear when the young Van Halens did not have much. So Dave came in very handy for their young fledgling band. The VH brothers fully intended (initially) on finding a replacement later on. But Dave did get better , and he found a way to rely HEAVILY on background vocalists (i.e., VH bassist Michael Anthony). The next time you listen to old Van Halen, listen specifically to how much Michael Anthony is singing ... the "singing cover-up" started way back then for Dave. But, back then, he could at least sing ... Dave's voice first started to show real struggles/degradation in 1994-ish with his "Your Filthy Little Mouth" solo album. Later on, when he toured with Hagar (soon after Hagar was fired from Van Halen) on the "Sam and Dave Tour", Dave would never sing together with Sammy on stage, who was obviously a much stronger vocalist -- nor would Dave show up for his RRnHoF inducting to avoid, again, being on the same stage with Sammy who was also being inducted as part of VH. The one album that Van Halen made with Dave after reforming in the 2000s ("Another Kind Of Truth") is actually a truly great album, except for Dave's voice ... which (to me) makes the album unlistenable. If you want to listen to more of his unbearable voice, then listen to Van Halen's Live At The Tokyo Dome documenting the very last Van Halen tour. In my opinion, Dave should have hung up singing live probably 15 years ago, maybe more. HOWEVER ... Let's give Dave credit where credit is due ... While admittedly far from ever being Steve Perry, he is a wickedly talented showman and great songwriter. His lyrics can be extremely well crafted and super witty, and he writes the vocal melodies. The reason why VH was so great is because of the songs that were written by Eddie and Dave -- the guitar playing (which most people think of) would be nothing without those songs. AND THEN ... I am also the VH III Gary Cherone apologist, and Gary is a great singer. Let me know if you want me to step up on that soap box ... LOL
  6. Gibson "Education Series" are evidently Gibson-Baldwin guitars, and nowhere near the stratosphere of regular Gibson, let alone the Custom Shop. Hence, that head-stock is TOTALLY wrong. Other than that, the guitar looks right. It likely has a "Gibson-Baldwin Music Education" neck plate (see pic) for its bolted-on neck. These guitars sell for $100 in good condition. Your example is worth a sub-compact tank of gas.
  7. A LP Custom and Standard? Not worth it to me to trade.
  8. Nice case for that cool guitar. I like the gold TRC on your gold top. Nice touch.
  9. "Each Slash Collection Les Paul Standard features a AAA maple top, a solid Mahogany body and Slash's personal touches including a C-shape neck profile, signature Gibson "SlashBucker" pickups, color coordinated hardware appointments, hand-wired electronics with orange drop capacitors and a vintage style brown hardshell case. Exclusive to the Slash Collection are Slash's "Scully" signature drawing on the back of the headstock, Slash's signature on the truss rod cover, a blank truss rod cover in the case, Slash's new Ernie Ball strings, and four Slash Jim Dunlop Tortex picks. The Slash Collection Les Paul Standard is available in November Burst, Appetite Burst, Vermillion Burst and Anaconda Burst. Each Slash Collection Gibson J-45 Standard features a blend of traditional appointments and modern features including a custom Slash rounded C-neck profile, a fatter and more modern 16'' fingerboard radius and a versatile LR BaggsTM VTC pickup for natural acoustic sound. Exclusive to the Slash Collection are Slash's "Scully" signature drawing on the back of the headstock, Slash's signature on the truss rod cover with a blank truss rod cover in the case and four Slash Jim Dunlop Tortex picks. The Slash Collection J-45 Standard is available in November Burst and Vermillion Burst." (new pic link posted below)
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