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  1. I don't really have any problem with it, but doing this in 2019 seems a little late in the game. But, yes, any of their designed shapes should require a license from Gibson to allow the manufacturer to allow them to do so. My guess is that Fender is watching this closely ... Strats and Teles are copied even more than Gibsons, I would bet ...
  2. FAVORITE: 1979 Kalamazoo-factory Gigson SG Standard purchased in 1982 -- Purchased from Mike Varney who was trying to get cash to start up Shrapnel Records. I still have it, and it is a still a super nice playing guitar in great condition even though being heavily played. THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY: Back in 1980, I played a brand new Les Paul KM in a music store (the KM is for "Kalamazoo"). I was blown away by the guitar,. But as a young barely working Junior High student, I could no way swing the new price. To this day, I regret never figuring out a way to get it. Background: The Les Paul KM model was made in the Kalamazoo plant in 1979. The guitar was intended be a sunburst Les Paul that more closely approximated ’59 Standard specs. The guitar has exposed-coil, double-cream, T-top humbuckers, speed knobs, large, black side dot markers, a Nashville bridge, stop tailpiece, Grover tuners, wide binding in the cutaway, brown backplates, and “Les Paul K. M. ” engraved on the truss rod cover. The guitar was available in Antique Sunburst, Natural, or Cherry Sunburst finish. Most were plian tops, but some were flame tops (like in the pic). A total of approximately 1,500 Les Paul KMs were made.
  3. Jimmy Page's #1 -- The 1959 and 1960 Les Pauls were highly desired and very scarce even back then. In early 1969 on Led Zeppelin's first US tour, Joe Walsh (of the James Gang) saw an interview of Jimmy Page saying that he has not been able to find one of those old Les Pauls. So Joe Walsh -- who had never met him -- felt compelled to provide him one as he had more than one. He flew to the east coast to present it to him, charging him his a reasonable value plus his expenses to travel there ($1200). Due to a refinishing job commissioned by Walsh, the serial number on the guitar was removed, which has led to many a debate over the guitar's year of manufacture. However, due to the neck profile, most experts concur that it is likely to be a late 1959 model, or an early 1960.
  4. Some of the above understandings of "taped-over logos" is completely wrong. Television shows , commercials and movies have the ability to provide a LOT of advertising via "product visibility", which is a very high-value commodity. So ... the makers of these vehicles CHARGE the product company to have these company logos be seen. Companies that do not want to pay to have their logo seen end up having their logo covered up or blurred (because "no one rides for free"). As a general rule, almost every logo you see in movies, television and (especially) commercials) was paid for so you would see it.
  5. It looks like a special limited-run model of some sort. Nice guitar.
  6. Lenny, thanks for the bounty of photos. It definitely does not bode well when I can I tell it has a questionable pedigree. That being said, the Chinese-made copies are not horrible guitars at all. Hopefully you did not pay (the equivalent of) thousands of US dollars for it?
  7. Yeah, I was a big fan of the 1990s Megadeth. Super good. They said that he has a good chance of beating it. I certainly hope he does ...
  8. Yep ... I could not view it either.
  9. Huge variance in property tax by county is mostly not the rule, but definitely exists in spots. Another example of this Allegheny County in Pennsylvania (that contains Pittsburgh, and is a massive county). In Allegheny County, you pay 3+%, but the county to the north you pay 1%. I do not miss living in "Taxxsylvania".
  10. Good summary -- thank you.
  11. Yes, most of the people here will never play one (I have not, nor expect to). There are some youtube reviews of these sacred guitars, though. That is likely the best source of info so you can decide what you think the answer is to your question.
  12. The felt ball is new to me. Any pics with Lennon and the ball that you can point to? Just curious?
  13. So you find the Richlite to be a notably inferior product than the real wood?
  14. As a general rule, property taxes are 1-3% of the value's "assessed value". This assessed value is usually determined after purchase and is usually somewhat lower than its "real" value. So, for example, a $400,000 house may be assessed at $300,000; and if the local tax rate is 1%, then you pay $3000 each year in property taxes. States like Colorado (where I live, NOT coincidentally) and Arizona have low property taxes (1%). States like Texas and many parts of Pennsylvania pay 3% -- so the taxes on that same $300,000-valued house would be $9000/year for them. This is one of numerous reasons why I live in Colorado: low home prices (relatively), low property taxes, low utility costs (very low actually), low gas prices ($2.69/gal for reg-unleaded right now), low food costs (a gallon of milk costs $1.99), low gas prices, etc. That, and it is a beautiful, nice place to live ... at least I think so.
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