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  1. Cream, I dunno ... But I would bet the Rolling Stones would be the Rolling Stones ...
  2. Yeah, my Les Paul is a plain top too ... so my question was stupid. LOL -- It just looked like such a tight grain that it made me wonder. Anyway, thanks for the informative answer. One of these days I should post a pic of my LP ...
  3. Number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9 ...
  4. Uhhhh ... this is probably a stupid question, and I will get flamed for it ... but is that a maple top? To me, it looks like it may be something else than maybe?
  5. Their super-strong songwriting is why they would still be great today. That is what separates bands like Deep Purple from Twisted Sister, and Steely Dan from Billy Ray Cyrus. Good-looking singers and musicians are a dime a dozen. It is SONGWRITING that separates the wheat from the chafe. And the Beatles were dripping in songwriting talent. From Revolver afterward (though some would say Rubber Soul which was even earlier), how many bad songs did the Beatles have? I would venture "not many, if at all" ...
  6. Probably in the neighborhood of a solid $4000 each based upon mint condition, case and case candy.
  7. No, your post was solid. In the U.S., it was just that one song. I am not a fan of them by the way...
  8. Dude, at the end of the day, your only problem is a having a real BEAUTIFUL guitar! 😉
  9. You can buy one from Guitar Center. They expect them to ship out in December.
  10. I bet a professional could fix that cheap and easy. With a guitar like that, I would give it to a pro. But that is just me ... Awesome guitar, by the way.
  11. How appropriate to play a "doves in flight" guitar in -- of all places -- a church. Awesome! Just don't modify it.
  12. I don't think it is raised. I think it is just a box around it. I agree with the earlier post -- someone was just leaning too much into it.
  13. I would say 'yes' -- there is no substitute for their super strong songwriting (especially), vocals, and overall musicianship. Here is a question for you ... what would have George Harrison's career been if he never met John and Paul?
  14. Bro ... Maybe you missed the pic I posted that said "Of course, I could be wrong ". A little less caffeine for you, dude...
  15. To me, they were a one-hit wonder. I don't remember anything else.
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