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  1. Since someone else rose this old thread ... Stamping instead of signing?? Is it just me, or is that such a "only Jimmy Page ..." thing to do? This thread was about his 2015 "Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page" book, but, evidently, he had a new book out late last year "Anthology by Jimmy Page". For that recent "Anthology" book, there was a limited edition of 2500 that he did sign (which currently go for $1500). For this most recent "Anthology" book, I guess he could not do more conventional book signings/stampings due to COVID. 2015 - Page with the stamp:
  2. By Warrant standards, though, it was KILLER (LOL, LOL) -- As I stated above, I am not a big Warrant fan either, and am certainly not their (ahem) apologist. Yeah, just because it was maybe the best thing they ever did, and a million times better than "Cherry Pie" ... the question has to be asked, "Well, so what?" I have knitting needles that I would rather shove into my ears than listen to "Cherry Pie" or most of their other material ... or any Def Leppard from that era, especially "Pour Some Sugar On me" which is just as bad. While I appreciated many of the "hair metal" guitar players tech
  3. I know it is not popular around here, but ... solid-state "effects processors" have really come a VERY long way and are becoming increasing more popular by the minute. This is especially true in the last few years with their amp modelling, effects functionality, and super-slick user interfaces (e.g., Kemper, Helix. Boss, etc.). Where maybe ten years ago, they may have had a "bunch of available effects", there was often issues with the control of them and possibly some questionable tones. Some were good and usable, and some maybe not so much. But, how things have changed on this front. The
  4. Okay ... back to the Hall of Shame topic at hand: As many of you are already aware (sorry for that), I am the resident Supertramp apologist here ... a mantle I fully accept as they are strongly in my top-5 favorite bands, for sure. But how on God's green earth can a band that has sold in the area of 80 million albums with tons of hits worldwide, along with always being named on "top-50 albums of all time" lists not even be in the conversation for the HoF??? It is mind boggling to me, and, honestly, quite infuriating. Supertramp was an awesome mix between prog, straight-up rock, and pop
  5. I recently got a NOS 2018 LP Classic Player Plus. I got it set up as best as I could, and it was close ... but still not perfect having a little string buzz here and there, etc. As I tried to tweak it in, I would invariably make it worse or get it how I don't like it for playing. I have never had anyone set up a guitar for me as I had always been able to get my guitars dialed in, being able to adjust all of the usual things. But in this case, it just wasn't happening. Fourth and ten, punt. So I brought it in for a setup, and the repair guy explained/showed how the nut was not cut right,
  6. If you have not heard it, check out the song Uncle Tom's Cabin ... great track. I am not a huge Warrant fan, by any means. But that is a solid rocking track. I give credit where credit is due. Warrant - Uncle Tom's Cabin (Official Video) - YouTube
  7. Ironically, Warrant's Cherry Pie album was originally going to be called Uncle Tom's Cabin after the song of that name, and it was -- maybe -- the best track they ever did. As the album was soon to release, the record company applied pressure to Jani to write a song like Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me. So, he did ... and he wrote Cherry Pie which was obviously a huge hit, but made Jani as he said "the Cherry Pie guy". It ended up being a huge regret for him (... and all of us that ever heard the song).
  8. I think you mean what did Robert Johnson mean by "squeeze my lemon" which is where Led Zep got that from? In the late 1980s, Robert Plant in interviews referred to David Coverdale as "David Cover-version" based on Whitesnake's clear borrowing from Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" for Whitesnake's "In the Still for the Night". Kinda of ironic, though, considering Led Zep had to settle out of court with Willie Dixon for their plagiarism of his "You Need Love" for Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love". Don't get me wrong ... I enjoy Led Zeppelin far more than Whitesnake. Just pointing that ou
  9. Shot #1 today ... Pfizer ... no ill effects so far. Finally!
  10. 👆 This is absolutely correct, except I need to add one thing ... the intonation. Intonation to me is the most important thing, and it is not hard for an inexperienced player to adjust/check either. Instead of me going into the details, just go to youtube and learn how to check/adjust it. Also, if your intonation is already solid, that even more points to a strong likelihood it was set up by someone who knew what they are doing. When it comes to intonation, it is just like John Lennon once said: "It's eeeeeasyyyy ..."
  11. Yes, he is a goof, for sure. But he is OUR goof. Look, if he is anyway in part responsible (even if it is in the most diminutive way) for helping to resurrect Gibson from it asymptotic brush with the abyss back to greatness, then ... well ... he is okay with me.
  12. Correct, Sgt Pepper. Eli is not eligible for the HoF, and won't be for another FOUR years, which -- (guess what) -- makes Jim Plunkett the only HoF ELIGIBLE quarterback with two SB wins that is not in the hall. (Not only that, Eli's numbers are strong and he played for New York. He will absolutely get in the HoF which makes the correction even dumber. Someone owes me the handful of IQ points that I lost just reading it.)
  13. Stabler only recently got in, and Jim Plunkett is still the only 2-time-winning Super Bowl QB not in the HoF. On a musical note, Randy Rhoads is getting a "musical excellence" this year. I was thinking that RR should have got in (along with Zack) when Ozzy went in as a solo artist. Oh, wait a minute, Ozzy is not in as a solo artist. Really?? I was shocked. Blizzard of Oz came out in early 1980 ... what a huge solo career he has had ... and not in? Shameful, especially as it is also keeping Randy Rhoads out too.
  14. They did announce it via another video. They also have a ton more stuff that they are giving away now. Oh, you did not win ...
  15. Bizarre, yes. Mistake? Likely. The xenophobe thing gets thrown around so much, I think it is better to stay away from that unless that is what it really is ... which I personally doubt.
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