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  1. Bob James was a great singer with a voice very reminiscent (to me anyway) of Eric Martin. He replaced Sammy Hagar in Montrose and sang on a couple of Montrose albums including "Warner Bros Presents ... Montrose" which is a FABULOUS album that I still often listen to. RIP, sir ... Former Montrose Singer Robert 'Bob' James Dies From Stomach Ulcer Complications - Blabbermouth.net
  2. Funny, I have thought the same thing. I think it is a 'group think" thing to some extent. I have seen interviews with Mike Portnoy who would be very critical of his drumming skills. Maybe there have been other pro drummers that have slammed him too that have created this public mindset?
  3. Yeah, I know ... it is just not comfortable for me as compared to a conventionally shaped guitar.
  4. I really like Mustaine and the 1990s Megadeth albums. I have never owned a Gibson "V" before because (for me) you can't sit and play it (most of the time I stand when I play, but not always). But if I ever was on the fence to get a "V" this one would likely be it (see pic). I don't know the contract details (obviously), but this seems like a very smart move by Gibson to infuse Mustaine-line guitars into Gibson/Epi/Kramer and the acoustics.
  5. I am not loving it either, but I am okay with the pickguard. If you go back to the original pickups with the new pickguard, I think that would look really good. IMO Cool guitar, bro.
  6. Looks nice -- that is not "rough shape" in my opinion.
  7. There is no "official industry standard" that all makers work to, with each vendor determining what each grade is for themselves. Also, the different makers (Gibson, especially) have had a significant lack of consistency on their grading. This is what I understand for Gibson: Grade A - nicely grained, but with no quilting and/or striping Grade AA - A good amount of striping , but usually not completely and varies by viewing angle Grade AAA - Lots of striping, without the best book matching Grade AAAA - Lots of striping, and very good book matching
  8. I have read a BUNCH of them. The Keith Richards and Gregg Allman books are probably the top two. I thought the Sammy Hagar and Pete Townshend ones were the most disappointing (for different reasons). While the Joe Perry book ran mid-pack and was "good", I was surprised how he really raked Steven Tyler over the coals a few times (I did not expect that at all). I am reading Jorma Kaukonen's book now (Double Dose by Hot Tuna is one of my favorite albums of all time), it is an excellent and super-interesting read, and it may end up being the best autobiography that I have read by the time I f
  9. In the solid-state vein, another humble consideration should be the Line 6 Spider V Mk ii line, too. Besides being very affordable, they are very well made with very nice tones and a very slick, controllable package overall.
  10. Awesome ... except you answering a question from nine years ago. 😁 No matter. Welcome to the club. Can you post a pic of that Trad Pro II?
  11. I have a 2010. And, yes, agreed to them not being low-end models. I would say you should get $1400-1600, assuming extremely good condition, etc. Mine was in the original model release 2009-2011 (see pic). Great guitars; I would not even consider parting with mine. I am not sure what changes they made for 2012, though. And ... most importantly ... can you post pics of your guitar?
  12. Were you able to get the new pups installed, and - if so - what do you think?
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