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  1. It's funny ... The thread's title is exactly how I don't feel about the Gibson forums anymore ... "appreciation" or the lack thereof. So making a post like this only seems so mostly appropriate in this thread, in particular. There is a decidedly lack of interesting new threads, and some very questionable posts for the viable new threads that do come into being. As such, I am announcing my departure from the forums for at least a good while. I am a huge fan of Gibson guitars, so I am sure it will probably be only temporary ... or not. Don't worry ... you won't miss me. : )
  2. Whoa, I never said it was not "new", agreeing with you that is in their line-up now. It is interesting that you disagree with a post that only agreed with yours ... (?)
  3. Yes, Fender's Tone Master solid-state line of their classic amps includes the Deluxe Reverb, Twin Reverb, and Super Reverb. Besides these, there are also "Creamback-Celestion" versions too for the Twin and Deluxe.
  4. Wow, fancy ... super good looking guitar. I would suggest that since the guitar market is hot, price at the high end of whatever band you were thinking.
  5. Yes, thank you. Wow ... unless there was something really hideous in person that is not readily seen in the pic, uh, that guitar looks great to me.
  6. Yes, but the R's are very good about holding their value.
  7. You resurrected this 6-yearl-old thread, bro. So you gotta post a pic of your guitar. Rules are rules ... Let's see it! And welcome!!!
  8. "New to Gibson" or "new to guitars"? Not a snarky comment ... I only ask as the neck binding is clearly visible in pic you posted, and neck binding is not a "only Gibson" thing.
  9. LOL ... yes, good call. Went down the completely wrong path. I shouldn't have posted anything ... LOL
  10. Eric -- Thanks for the detailed info. Maybe at some point you can post some pics of your killer guitars in these forums. Welcome!!!
  11. I think it was originally the natural finish. But someone since has painted it white, so it is now going to be used for a "costume guitar" by the OP. And the OP is asking us if that is a good idea. At least, that is what I understood ... maybe not correctly, though ...
  12. Can we see pics of the "flamed maple red" of the 'before' finish, please? I get that it has some used mojo, but that sounds nice.
  13. We had no problems -- There were no sparks getting into any of the beers, and no beers were spilled. We were very careful, you know. 🤪
  14. The local big fireworks was in our neighborhood, plus lots of illegal (Wyoming-procured) huge stuff going on around us ... plus we had our own fireworks too. Oh, and beers. Fun stuff. Great country!
  15. Yes, and it includes the OP's "Glacier Burst" (second from right). So, my guess is that GB was not provided the whole platte of colors, with Glacier Blue excluded but provided in "limited" numbers. But because that finish was not "limited" for the USA consumption, there will likely be a lot of them out there. So ... you got a beautiful blue guitar. Just enjoy playing it, and don't be concerned over it being particularly rare. I am sure it is awesome!
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