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  1. GC sent me a 15% off single-item coupon that was good for Gibsons and Fenders. In previous years, they would have a very wide-open 20% off on Friday only, and 15% the rest of the weekend. This year, they were much more quiet with emailing the "good" coupons.
  2. It is a beautiful guitar, and I am glad you got one. As a long-time guitar player, I just think every guitar player needs to have a Les Paul. I also firmly think that if you get a real good one, all you really need is just one.
  3. The only purpose of cabinets like those is to be able to simultaneously lock up and also display your guitars -- so that people visiting your home can see them, but not walk off with them if, for example, you are having a large party. To me, this is for the person with a pristine 1962 Gibson SG Custom along with a Les Paul that was formerly owned by Jeff Beck. I have a good non-guitar-playing friend who has a hand-signed EVH Art-series guitar that would also be a good contender for something like that. Otherwise, just hang it on the wall, and get some kind of lighting for it ... all for no more than a $100.
  4. Yes, most 1956s are gold tops or black. But as I recall, the first burst ever made was in 1956 and was what people generally refer to as a "tobacco burst" (the black to yellow) with cream P90s and pickguard. Very rare. GIBSON 1956 LES PAUL SUNBURST (THE FIRST EVER SUNBURST LES PAUL)
  5. Wow, a home phone. People still have those, huh? Oh, yeah ... and that new Gibson small appliance looks AMAZING!!!!
  6. Yes, it can only play four notes (without tuning it again) ... so choose wisely, I guess. ??
  7. Yes, I agree to reversible mods, and keeping EVERYTHING that gets taken off of it with the guitar (not only the pickups). If you think at all that you may sell it in the near future, a "wholly original" SG will go for more one that is modified and with the original components. People LOVE "all original". The prices of 1980s guitars are definitely going up; even the prices of bad Les Paul copies (and the 1980s was littered with them) are getting obscenely decent prices. As for me, I have a '79 SG Standard that I did modify (reversibly) with new pickups as the guitar came to me used with the treble pickup changed out for an original Dimarzio SD that did not pair well with the stock neck pup. That was a great mod for me -- something I wish I did earlier than I did. I also at that time replaced one of the tone knobs with a phase-out micro-switch (and wiring both pups with a single tone knob), but that was a mod I wish I did not do (even though it came out fine and was reversible with no new holes created). The bottom line is that mods can be very good, especially if it is something you feel the guitar needs. Just think before you act, and don't do any drilling no matter what.
  8. $3000 -- It looks to be a GC limited edition (?) "This Gibson Les Paul includes a mahogany body, bound flame maple neck, and a bound quilt maple top. Locking Grover tuners are standard, with an Asymmetrical shape neck. It comes with a set of Gibson ’57/Super ’57 humbuckers, and modern weight relief. It has push/pull volume controls that either split the humbucker to single-coil or taps the humbucker pickup. It's your choice via a dip switch in control cavity. The Rhythm tone control is a push/pull phase switch. And the Treble tone control in single-coil mode toggles between the inner and outer coils. Includes hard-shell case." https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/Les-Paul-Blood-Moon-Satin-Quilt-Top-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar-Black-Cherry-1500000327103.gc?rNtt=gibson les paul satin&index=3
  9. Personally, I would go with the '60s version, but they are both great -- you can't go wrong with any type of Les Paul Standard. You likely have seen the write ups on them, so you know the differences between the guitars. There is really no opinion here that should sway you on which to get. Just play them and see which one chooses you. More importantly, please let us know which you choose, and post some pictures.
  10. I, too, was never a big Brian-era fan. I never bought any post-Bon albums (not even Back In Black) even though I enjoyed hearing them and went and saw them live a few times with Brian (great shows). That all being said, this recent album is good solid effort of catchy rock and roll. Good for them. Probably a few of them could use the cash, too.
  11. It looks like the the start of the cure.
  12. It looks right. Slash is Gibson's one and only "brand ambassador" so seems fitting ...
  13. What channel? The BBC, I am guessing?
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