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  1. Wow ... that is quite a statement. To me, the Who's last great album was "Who Are You?" A lot of people disagree with "Who Are You?" even being good, but not me -- I have always loved that album. However, I always thought their very best work was "Quadrophenia", followed by "Who's Next". The world could use a great another great album by the Who ... because it has certainly been a while. Looking forward to hearing it...
  2. HOOCHIE MAMA! And for the OP's question: generally, the 10% and 15% off coupons that are exclude Fender and Gibson stuff don't exclude them. Read the fine print.
  3. ... and find the distance to the stage too far ...
  4. I am not the hugest of Floyd fans. But "Dogs" is life changing ... that good.
  5. Like this? Very nice ... to say the least ...
  6. Okay, so a mistake. Did you inform Gibson of the mistake, and ask them to fix it?
  7. All of the mid-80s 335s that I played were really nice guitars ...
  8. Catch a concert at the Royal Albert Hall after visiting Abbey Road. That would be so cool. Because for me, now I know how many holes it takes to fill the Royal Albert Hall ...
  9. Yes, Nazi is short for "National Socialist German Worker's Party". But let's not confuse the Nazi brutal fascism with Bernie's "medicare for all"... whether we like the idea or not. That is all I am saying ...
  10. Uhhhh ... there is a reason why that is the case.
  11. Honestly, I did not appreciate hot dogs until having kids ... and then I learned to love them. I am a "mustard, sauerkraut, and pickles/relish" guy. I love a quality Chicago dog too. Save the avocados and salsa for tacos...
  12. If only John Lennon wasn't assassinated. The John and Paul Ice Age was already in the process of thawing back on 12/8/80.
  13. 01GT eibach


    Very nice ... I like the case too.
  14. I wouldn't consider it even if Tom Murphy was doing it to my guitar. "Put that blade down, Tommy.. We are not going to be needing that here..."
  15. Another huge fan here. I listened to 2112 just a few days ago. I have seen them maybe 12 times ... Awesome.
  16. So, I am figuring that the model of the new guitar here is a SG Standard in Heritage Cherry. Great choice, I am sure. I am surprised to see that it does not come with a hard-shell case. To me, anything "Standard" should come with a hard-shell case. Surprisingly, the SG Special does come with a hard-shell, and the SG Standard does not. Yes, we would love to see pictures of it! Congratulations - nice choice!
  17. HERITAGE CHERRY SUNBURST ... pretty guitar.
  18. With the bankruptcy and new CEO, Gibson has recently been very aggressive re-doing their lines and streamlining a profitable line up. Expect more changes (additions and deletions). And Reverb is not a store; it is basically a marketplace where individual persons and businesses can sell musical instruments and such (mostly they are used though). I have never used it to sell or buy, so I am not any expert on it, and may be corrected by someone more knowledgeable than me on the subject.
  19. I don't think that is right. John was 16 when he met Paul (who was 15 at the time) -- and Paul already knew George who was even younger than Paul. Pretty sure ...
  20. Dying that the only pic is an extreme close up of the s/n ...
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