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  1. You have a beautiful SG -- I like what you have done. Purely for aesthetics, my '79 SG Standard has a Gibson maestro tremolo plate, and a chrome "Rhythm"/"Treble" plate with a bronze-metal switch knob.
  2. Cool guitar, bro. You will enjoy way that way more than the cheap Les Paul copy. Good choice!
  3. Low-grade Les Paul copy -- you get what you pay for...
  4. I have never played a Custom Shop R9, R0, etc. I always wondered if I would think that one of those is so much better when my "regular Les Paul" is -- to me -- plays, sounds, and looks so good.
  5. This is a brutal thread without pics. Any chance of posting pics of the guitar and the signed COAs??
  6. I would just like to go back to 1974 so I could see an initial version of Van Halen in someone'e backyard at a $4-per-head kegger. Then find Randy Rhoades and pay him to give me guitar lessons.
  7. Yes, very cool!
  8. No fresh chicken or beef in Colorado Springs. Do you have fresh meat where you are??
  9. Your guitar is far more beautiful than ANY blue burst I have seen. Awesome!
  10. Here in Colorado Springs, gas and milk are readily available. TP, paper towels, rice, potatoes, chicken & beef are not.
  11. I would absolutely get the Studio between those two. Proper gloss finish and a proper HSC. Also, it has the non-reverse headstock which I also prefer. The Studio has that awesome burst too (so classic for a Firebird to have that) and the Granadillo fretboard (honestly, I have never heard of "Granadillo" but it is sure fun to say out loud). Look, you asked me which one I would pick ... for me it would be the Studio all day long. Not even close.
  12. A couple of recent noteworthy releases ... 1) Sonny Landreth has a new album out called Blacktop Run -- It features some stellar guitar playing and just excellent music (check out the guitar playing, especially, on Groovy Goddess). 2) Def Leppard has a new Early Years 5-CD release -- Typically, anything by Def Leppard is not at all interesting to me. This is different, though. This is a complete re-mastering and extra stuff only related to their often overlooked first two albums. This is the ONLY only Def Leppard era that I ever really liked (Pyromania was okay), but I always hated Hysteria and everything after. This is the era where they were just a hard-working and gritty Les Paul slinging hard rock band from Northern England, a bit reminiscent of Humble Pie. The first three CDs are the most interesting as they include remasters of those two albums plus a 1979 concert -- the only thing for beyond that is the mandatory "Me and My Wine" bonus track from CD 4. For those going to the Motley Crue/Def Leppard stadium tour this summer (if that even happens), they were expected to play a bunch of this early stuff.
  13. The irony here is that advice comes from "Pinch". (LOL) Additional edit: The word Pinch is also a slang term for stealing something, just in case my post is not making sense.
  14. Soon after Keith Richards became friends with Mick, the two of them were going to a big blues festival in northern England featuring a number of U.S. blues artists that very rarely come to England. They got a ride in a van with a number of other blues fans also going. In that van, they met a young James Page who also played guitar. That was likely around the same time that Jimmy Page at 14 made his BBC TV appearance playing skiffle (the video of it was included in the "It Might Get Loud" documentary - see pic).
  15. It is still surprising to know that a good number of Kenny's hits were written by Prince. Recollecting back to that era, one never would have guessed it. RIP to both these gentleman ...
  16. 01GT eibach


    You mentioned that you thought is was a '59. I think SGs were only available from 1960 on. (?)
  17. Oh, yeah ... I get it. Those SG Standards w/ P90s were killer. When they were being phased out, you get one for $1000 with the HSC. I just did not have the coin at the time. I am pretty sure that they were made in 2012 and 2013, and then again in 2016. There are some used ones now that show up from time to time. I really like your LPJ. Nice git, bro.
  18. The Fender Forums used to be a super cool place. I joined there back in 2008. In the last years, though,I barely even went there. Very few new threads worth reading with a few people that ... uh ... actually, I will stop typing now. If you can't say something nice...
  19. It is a limited number ... (i.e., limited to the number that they can sell).
  20. Yes - A ridiculously good buying opportunity.
  21. I was able to get Paper Towels from Costco yesterday (on sale, no less), while hordes around me shop the food aisles almost bare. I only bought the paper towels and some roses for my wife ...
  22. I think you meant "killed 15-20 thousand" ... ? I think it was actually a bit less than that, but it seems the right order of magnitude ...
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