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  1. Really? And here I thought you were going to tell me to turn the picture upside down...and it would reveal all! So the neck pocket syntax is no help in learning what year my bass was made. My s/n is listed in the bolt-on serial database, but without any dates involved. Is the next step writing Gibson customer service then?
  2. Greetings Headless brothers! I have an 198? XP2 - s/n N1419, and for the first time I removed the neck. This is the numbers that were stamped there. Does anyone know what these numbers mean? At first I thought it was a build date, but it makes no sense to me with its dots and dashes. Any thoughts?
  3. Nice lookin axe there...is she a goer now??
  4. It should be a most interesting conference final! first time in a while both number 1 seeds are out.:-
  5. Around...If you find something, and it works for you, then to hell with what others say or how their doing it. Otherwise we'd still be doing trench warfare, treating disease with leaches, and playing archtop guitars in our big bands.
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