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  1. thats in canadian funds. would be about 1700US. i thought that was way under value. theres an NOS one at a store near me priced at $3500 cdn. and yeah thats what i was thinking re: serial number. its prob stamped on the neck block. thanks!
  2. yeah. must be on the neckblock. im going to drive out there this week and see it. i dont think the seller knows what they've got.
  3. thanks, sal. im gonna take a drive.
  4. couldnt post more than 1 pic. here's the ad link. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1475898984
  5. does this look legit to you? i messaged the seller but he/she said there's no serial #. nut looks weird. everything seems ok. the price is insanely good. about a 2 hr drive from me. thoughts?
  6. thanks for all the advice, guys! im returning it tomorrow for a replacement. they'll transfer one from another store and, if i dont like it, they'll do a refund. hey, jinder! wassup??!?! im cunkhead from the old forum.
  7. i bought one yesterday. greatest sound ever. i brought it to my tech to install a k&k pickup. he noticed that the bridge was lifting at the back corners. the bridge is tilting down towards the sound hole and the top was bellying behind the bridge between the x-brace. i brought it back to the store and was given these options: 1)return it for a refund 2)exchange it for another 3)keep it and make no mention of it. if the problems advance before the one-year warranty expires, bring it back then. 4)send it back for repair my quandary is this: im worried that the repair will change it. im worried that a replacement wont sound as good. any advice?
  8. how do you get a photo, and not just the link, to appear in the topic box?
  9. picked it up in detroit this morning after it made its way across the US from seattle (thunder road guitars). this thing is an absolute monster. thanks to all who helped with my questions. i'm a tone hound primarily but i also love the education side of it too. https://photos.app.goo.gl/8lNWhDf1O8Ny6W8x1
  10. i'd be interested in the j-50 cover. are you selling it?
  11. makes me curious about this joppa place. is that indiana or illinois?
  12. i've noticed that the tone of the gibson acoustic has changed since ren left. the market became flooded with j-15's, j-29's and j-35's. all with different wood combinations in the neck and body materials. i find that the modern examples are more mid-forward and lack the trademark gibson thump in the lower end. just me or is it directly related to ren's departure?
  13. lol. is it one of the VOS models? if so, funny bec i withdrew an offer on one and went for the one in seattle instead.
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