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  1. 15 minutes ago, j45nick said:


    $2300 is not a giveaway price. It's probably about right.

    There has to be a serial number somewhere. Many re-issues have the serial number ink-stamped on the neck block on the inside of the guitar, like the original guitar it is modeled after would have had.

    thats in canadian funds. would be about 1700US. i thought that was way under value. theres an NOS one at a store near me priced at $3500 cdn.

    and yeah thats what i was thinking re: serial number. its prob stamped on the neck block. thanks!

  2. 7 minutes ago, Salfromchatham said:

    I edited my post   i found a similar guitar sold on reverb...  my guess is that sold for $1800-1900 US.  But it looks like the on you are looking at. No paper oval in sound hole.

    yeah. must be on the neckblock.  im going to drive out there this week and see it. i dont think the seller knows what they've got.


  3. 3 minutes ago, Salfromchatham said:

    Looks worth checking in my opinion. The serial number on these newer guitars will have been on a paper oval in the sound hole, and on the neck block (owners needs to look in through the soundhole.  Looks like the oval paper one was removed - but the serial number should still be on the neck block.

    thanks, sal. im gonna take a drive.

  4. 4 hours ago, Jinder said:

    Return it for a replacement. You spent serious coin on this guitar and you shouldn't have any issues with it whatsoever. 

    I've had a few negative experiences with new kit in the last couple of years. My approach is zero tolerance for substandard crap, if it isn't right straight away I can't be doing with returning things for repairs and faffing about. We are all here on this forum because we're serious players who are willing to spend serious money on serious kit. That shouldn't equate to gear arriving broken or suffering from issues due to incorrect storage.


    2 hours ago, 62burst said:

    Right to the point, Jinder. Both you and Dave(F) have been down that road, and the return for repair is a pain and shipping is always a risk, especially in the heat of summer. My guitar's issues were merely cosmetic, and weighing all of the above, ended up just letting it ride.

    OP is in Canada? Lucky that the dealer wants to give him those options. Considering all of the legal loopholes Gibson has (https://www.gibson.com/Support/Warranty/USA), and considering ", **Customers who purchased product outside the U.S should contact their local distributor for the handling and resolution of all warranty issues as the above-described Gibson Gold Warranty is not applicable", option 2 seems a safe way to go.

    thanks for all the advice, guys! im returning it tomorrow for a replacement. they'll transfer one from another store and, if i dont like it, they'll do a refund.

    hey, jinder! wassup??!?! im cunkhead from the old forum.

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  5. i bought one yesterday. greatest sound ever. i brought it to my tech to install a k&k pickup. he noticed that the bridge was lifting at the back corners. the bridge is tilting down towards the sound hole and the top was bellying behind the bridge between the x-brace. i brought it back to the store and was given these options: 

    1)return it for a refund

    2)exchange it for another

    3)keep it and make no mention of it. if the problems advance before the one-year warranty expires, bring it back then.

    4)send it back  for repair

    my quandary is this:  im worried that the repair will change it. im worried that a replacement wont sound as good.  

    any advice?

  6. i've noticed that the tone of the gibson acoustic has changed since ren left. the market became flooded with j-15's, j-29's and j-35's. all with different wood combinations in the neck and body materials. i find that the modern examples are more mid-forward and lack the trademark gibson thump in the lower end. just me or is it directly related to ren's departure?

  7. For one of those "it's a small world" moments:


    Last week I sold an instrument to Thunder Road Guitars in Portland,


    to finance the purchase of a J-50!


    lol. is it one of the VOS models? if so, funny bec i withdrew an offer on one and went for the one in seattle instead.

  8. I agree with you both that gibson has so many irregularities with these types of things. It crossed my mind that this may be the earmark of a special run. And yes you're right - thunder road in Seattle seems like a reputable shop. Thanks again for the input.

  9. hello. all. new, old guy here. kinda like brand new used. i was on this forum regularly years ago. but i'm back bec i've recently bought (but not yet received) a 2002 j-50 and i'd like your opinions regarding its authenticity. i bought it from a reputable seller who assured me it was a real j-50 - of course, why wouldn't he??!? but the absence of a headstock stamp left me wondering. i contacted a gibson rep who said that everything looked consistent with a 2002 j-50 - that there were reissues back then that had 40's/50's style labelling and that the headstock serial number may have been inked and worn off. still, i'd like another round of opinions. i dont remember who to properly post photos so that might come into play. ahem. does this link work? if not, some advice on how to do it correctly would be appreciated



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