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  1. Hello, I have a Samick made HR Custom that I want to replace the Tune-o-matic on. The website I've found with decent prices has a standard tune-o-matic and one that says it's a " Nashville style tune-o-matic bridge designed to exactly retrofit the Epiphone® Sheraton II guitars and similar models built by Samick® during the 90's." The response from my inquiry to customer service was basically "I don't know." Anybody know which one fits the HR Custom? Oh, BTW, the bottom of my bridge is marked BR-EG TIA, Brad
  2. Ah, I did a search for MK-35 and that thread didn't show up.
  3. Just checked an eBay listing for a MK-35, but it is nothing I've seen before (and I worked in a shop when they first came out, so I've seen quite a few). It has the right headstock and bridge, but instead of a round hole,the top has a series of small holes in it, some looking like weird f-hole and some at the end of the fingerboard and the end pin area. I'm wondering if this was some one of a kind prototype or if someone retopped it for some reason (can't imagine why). Regardless, it's definitely worth a look just for shock value! Brad https://www.ebay.com/itm/202582908763?ul_noapp=true
  4. My first guitar was the cheapest Kay available, my mother got it with three (?) books of Top Value Yellow Stamps, 1961 or '62. The first guitar I bought was a fairly nice Japanese classical, December '64 from a long gone little music store on Broadway in New Haven, CT., cost around $75. Moved up to my Guild F-212 summer of '65 (Banko's House of Music, Ansonia, CT). Brad
  5. Yep, just had the same thing happen to a truss rod cover screw. Dropped it strait down, nowhere to be found within 10 feet. Brad
  6. I think so far most of Ren's input has been devoted to Guild. For example, he was very involved in designing the Doyle Dykes model as well as the newly introduced Orpheum series of Guilds.: http://www.doyledykes.com/ http://www.guildguitars.com/instruments/?bodyShape=Dreadnought As to the Fender pictured above, I'd love to be able to afford one just to show up at a bluegrass jam and watch the faces of all the Martin purists... :) Brad
  7. I use the Fender Guitar Care Kit, a three stage process with products made by Meguiar's. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. I'm pretty certain the three liquids are from the standard Meguiar's line, but don't know which ones. I also use a Meguiar's vinyl and leather cleaner on cases. It's the same as what Fender markets (or probably marketed) as case cleaner. It does a very good job on the haze from arms on the lower bout. Brad
  8. I have two guitars with repaired headstocks. One is a 12 that probably broke because of added weight with new tuners when it fell (in the case). It was repaired locally by an expert luthier and you can't even tell it was done. The second is a LoPrinzi dreadnaught that I bought with a cosmetically poor repair (less than $200 with shipping). A different luthier said that it was strong and would hold up as is. Both of them said that a well done headstock repair is at least as strong as the original wood, if not stronger, even in the case of the not so pretty one. Brad
  9. Not sure, either Gerry Mulligan or Judy Collins/Odetta, both in autumn, 1964. Brad
  10. Regular masking tape can leave a residue fairly quickly. luthiers I know recommend the blue painters tape as it can stay on for longer period of time with no residue. Brad
  11. Targeting ads, not a lot different than the old days of indie music, book and record stores. You'd walk in and one of the clerks would say, hey we just got a new record by this really great new jazz guitarist, you should check it out. Targeting sales pitch. Brad
  12. >They must have recognized the name ‘Fender’ and didn’t know what the Taylor was, so they left it behind.< Something similar happened to me once. Back in the 70s I shared a house with several other guitarists, and all our instruments were conveniently kept in the living room on the first floor. When some local punks broke in, they took all the electric instruments, which, except for a Hofner Beatle bass, were all cheap department store type instruments. As far as we were concerned, we didn't care about them. Left behind were about 8-10 acoustic instruments, any one of which was worth more than all the stuff they stole. We figured they thought the electrics had to be worth more. Brad
  13. I have several thousand LPs, almost all of them have only been played on high end turntables with a high end cartridge, so there are very few pops and crackles-usually the product of mis-handling or lower end players. Currently I have a mid-80s AR (I don't remember the model) with a Sumiko Blue Point cartridge. Often, when I play an LP I record it on a PC and save it in a low loss format, burn a CD and put it in the record sleeve. Then it can be played in the car and helps preserve the LP from accidents. I also use a vacuum type record cleaning machine, not sure of the brand right now and I'm at work. I clean them before each play. Brad
  14. My beater is a LoPrinzi, don't remember the model number, but it was their version of the D-35. The headstock broke off and it was repaired structurally sound but cosmetically poor. Was under $200 with HSC and shipping. Plays and sounds very nicely and I don't really care if it gets beat a bit. Brad
  15. Much more in line with average pricing for them. Brad
  16. One day left, up to $680, pretty high for this model, usually $500 or less. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epiphone-HOWARD-ROBERTS-model-Guitar-NO-LONGER-PRODUCED-gibson-fender-gretsch-/261043315540?pt=Guitar&hash=item3cc764e354 Brad
  17. Listed again, this time no reserve: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epiphone-HOWARD-ROBERTS-model-Guitar-NO-LONGER-PRODUCED-gibson-fender-gretsch-/261043315540?pt=Guitar&hash=item3cc764e354 Brad
  18. Stayed at $455, didn't sell-reserve not met. Brad
  19. Yes, but from the description, the seller may not know that and have an inflated idea of its value. Brad
  20. Still at $455, less than one day to go. I wonder if the seller thinks he has the guitar he describes, with the solid top and ebony board, in which case he may have a reserve much higher than $500 (as well as more than the guitar is worth). Brad
  21. I had just the opposite last time I was in a GC (admittedly more than a year ago). The only high end acoustics with decent strings were the two J-45s they had. All the Martins and Taylors had crud encrusted strings. I'm guessing it was the luck of the draw and the Gibsons were recent arrivals. Brad
  22. That's what they've averaged on eBay the last year or so, at least for the Korean ones. The US ones go for a lot more, $2,000-3,000, depending on condition and which model. Haven't seen any of the Imperials since I've been tracking. Brad
  23. Maybe, it says reserve not met, so I wonder how high that is. I agree, $300 would be a good starting price. Brad
  24. There's an Epi Howard Roberts on eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261038332769&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123) that the seller describes as having a solid top as opposed to a Gibson HR with a laminated top. The serial number indicates a Korean model, and I thought the solid tops were only in the older US made versions. >Although Gibson has provided the same series of guitar, the main difference between the Epiphone Howard Roberts made by both vendors is at the top in which Gibson is laminated maple while the Epiphone is on the solid spruce wood.< Any feedback? Brad
  25. When I was a kid (1950s), we had a couple of cots from WW II, and I remember the canvas as white, could be wrong, though, that's a long time ago now. Brad
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