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  1. does someone use low string action here?
  2. Hi, I bought mine last month, it comes with 010 string gauge and it was very soft to play. I tunned it to E standard and it was fine too (I used to play a strato with 010 standard gauge). I change the string gauge to 013 with A standard tunning, but I dont like it anymore... The strings are D´Addario 0.10 stardard for 7 string and I use the top 6 on my baritone. The last string (059) is no good at all, very soft, without sustain. I change my tunning now to A#, and the first 5 strings are good... I must change my 6th string. Anyway, my only problem with the Synapse is string action. With both string gauges is the same high, and the bridge it is all to the left... Sorry about my english. Let mee know if you dont understand me. Bye bye!
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