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  1. On 10/4/2019 at 3:22 PM, ALD323 said:

    Olie thanks for the updates...I just ordered 2 sets of these these as well, and can't wait to make my 2013 J-45 look better...as well as my new J-45 Studio model. These buttons will go on both. Like you, I like the way, they work perfect and found no reason to replace them...these Ivoroid acrylic buttons are beautiful too. Those who want these might consider ordering them as 44 sets of these have been sold already.  These buttons look great, and the company in Taiwan who makes them are very honest and easy to work with, having responded with them repeatedly. I have requested them to attempt to produce Gibson Hummingbird Jade Tulip buttons for the gibson hummingbird rotomatics. You might want to drop a bug in their ear by email about the Jade Tulip buttons exclusively made for rotomatics..we could just end up with the perfect solution for those steely looking heavy rotomatics on a hummingbird. I told them I would order those Tulip buttons in a heartbeat should they decide to produce them...and so likely would many others who are stuck with those cold clunky rotomatic tuners Gibson insists on using on the hummingbird standard model. ..Many thanks to the original poster of this thread JJrpilot.  Sooo glad you posted this! And thanks Olie for your update on these J-45 acrylic Ivoroid button replacements for the J-45.  These buttons are a brilliant way to have your cake and eat it too!

    No problem at all!  Hope you get yours soon! The savings in weight alone is worth it not to mention we don't have to drill new holes etc.

  2. 35 minutes ago, olie said:

    Just an up-date on the replacements: I ordered them on Sept.26 and they arrived today exactly as described and $35 U.S. as promised.

    They fit very easily and weigh next to nothing compared to the Grovers. BTW the Grovers weighed in at 75 grams or 2 3/4 oz.

    Thank you jjrpilot for the recommendation!

    You bet! You have any pics?  Ya they fit so nice and snug!  Saving 75 grams in weight feels good.

  3. 15 hours ago, 62burst said:

    Well done.  Any kind of better is much better, and just getting the bulky Roto tuner buttons off of there is an improvement. The A string button in the photo shows that they even have a grained ivoroid appearance similar to the Waverly tuners. 

    So- a quick spin of the small phillips head screwdriver and done? Feel free to share a link . . . I'm sure many here would like to know about that option. 

    Super easy to install!  Just unscrew the long screws, and simply put the ivory ones on!

    I got them off of eBay. Buttons!

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  4. I got this J45 new a year ago thereabouts.  The chrome buttons on the Grover tuners just didn't look right as those classic J45's never had chrome.

    I know there are other tuner options but I didn't want to mess with extra holes or more drilling.  I opted to get ivory colored acrylic buttons instead.  

    They were shipped from Taiwan and arrived today. They fit PERFECTLY and I love the look so much better than the chrome. The color also matched the binding. It also lightened the guitar, as those chrome buttons weighed a ton!


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  5. IMHO, I'd skip on the vintage J45.  A ton of cracks plus more repairs, plus more work vs a replica, that's brand new with zero issues...

    The new J45 will original to YOU, and you'll be able to grow old with it and it'll tell your own story as you start your journey with her!

    Keep us posted friend!

  6. I talked with my luthier today and he mentioned that he can make an actual celluloid tortoise shell pick guard for me.


    Many of the replacements were “flubberlike” as well. He also mentioned that the thick flubber guard prob has a small effect on the tone as well. So I think later this summer I may have him make me a thin celluloid replacement.


    Does anyone know if the pick guards used on the early J45’s were thick or thin???

  7. Hi All,


    Most of you know that I just recently had a KK Pure Mini installed in my 2017 NOS J45 Standard.


    Would any of you be interested in buying the LR Baggs Element Plus pickup? I had my tech remove it carefully so that it could be used in a different guitar etc.


    I'd like 110 or Best offer, and I could ship it anywhere in the US.

  8. Good review Dallon! I've never had the opportunity to play a TV model. I have a 2017 Standard that I absolutely love. It's a lifer for me. I did just recently have the stock LR Baggs Element taken out and a KK Pure Mini installed (mainly bc I hate to always have to replace used batteries).


    One of the perks of having the LR Baggs taken out was having the under-saddle pickup removed. To start, I loved the sound of my J45 to begin with and was hesitant about any type of change.


    I purchased a bone saddle from MacNichol Guitar and the replacement was just about right. My luthier had to shave just a smidge here and there to get it to fit perfectly. The old saddle was removed and tossed out and the under saddle pickup removed.


    With nothing between the bone saddle and the bridge the J45 which was awesome to begin with...sounded like it was on steroids. EVERYTHING that I loved about the guitar, the tone, punch, warmth, and volume basically doubled. To my ears, the J45 just sings now. I couldn't believe what a little change would do to it.


    It might be worth it to experiment a bit, and try a bone saddle.

  9. I love active pickups but I HATE having to change the batteries. Most other than Taylor, you have to undo the strings/loosen the strings/ or just replace them when you have to swap out the 9 volt or whatever battery it uses.


    Today I made my pilgrimage to Mass Street Music in Lawrence, KS from KC, MO...about a 50 min drive.


    I took my Taylor 324 (which I ordered without any pickups in 2016) and I also took my J-45 Standard which had the stock LR Baggs Element Plus installed.


    I had KK Pure Minis installed in both (I haven't had the chance to try them yet.)


    Well with the LR Baggs under saddle element, I knew that a new saddle would be needed so I took a new bone saddle I ordered from MacNichol Guitars.


    The guys at Mass are wonderful and trimmed/adjusted the new bone saddle for me and installed it.


    For all you J-45 fans out there.........................wow! I know everyone does with their guitars what they want....but WOW!


    My J-45 was already amazing in every way but now it's on steroids. NOW I understand why so many of you (no matter the brand of guitar) get your saddles swapped out instantly when you get it.


    The LR Baggs Element while good, obviously sat between the saddle and the bridge "eating up" contact. This bone saddle now sits directly on the bridge and the sound difference is Night and Day.


    The J-45 didn't lose any of its warmth, but gain insane volume and punch. It responds even more to delicate finger picking. I'm....really at a loss for words. I should have taken everyone's advise much earlier.


    So for all you J-45 owners out there...get yourself a bone saddle....maybe do away with that under-saddle pick up. The J-45 which was heavenly to begin with.......is just light years ahead of where it was early this morning.

  10. Well, for the first time in years, I can say that I'm really content guitar wise. My first quality guitar was a brand new Taylor GS8e. It was great but the 1 3/4" nut width hurt my hand...it was just a smidgen wide.


    During the years I owned it, my taste in tone changed. I wanted something dark. Naturally, I figured a Martin would solve that. I sold the Taylor and used that money plus some to buy a Martin OMJM. I loved all the specs minus the signature etc. Oh well. It was still brighter to my ears. After a few years, I ran across Taylors new 300 series with Mahogany top and Blackwood back and sides. It was the darkest sounding Taylor I ever heard and I ended up grabbing it new in 2016. It's a weird combination of brighter yet dark. It's hard to explain. The first time I brought it home, I played it for my wife with her eyes closed and she thought it was my Martin.


    The Martin just didn't light a fire and so early this year, I sold it, and finally purchased a Gibson J45 Standard.


    Don't hate me, but after 18 years I finally decided to give Gibsons a chance. Why did it take that long you ask? Because in my STUPID, young mind, I didn't like Sunburst finishes...and I equated Gibsons to Sunbursts. Yup that's it. That's why I never tried one.


    Well thank goodness we all grow up right? I'm not sure what happened but I LOVE Sunburst finishes now and Gibson is the KING of Sunburst if you ask me.


    It was love at first strum. The J45 Standard finally gave me what I had been looking for..........for all those years. Looking back, I'm kind of glad I went full circle...I know now what I love and this J45 scratches that itch every time I play it.


    It's silly how one guitar can basically cure GAS. How does it cure GAS you ask? Since this J45 gives me the tone I love, I know that no other brands and models will sound like my J45. It's crazy.


    So between my dark, 2016 Taylor 324 sound cannon, and my dark, punchy, quick-decaying, organic sounding, 2017 J45 Standard, I am oh-so-content!


    I might add a Martin sometime down the line for kicks....maybe when I retire...but one thing I know for sure...this J45 is here to stay. I recently told a Gibson rep that I can't wait to grow old with the J45.

  11. I'm sure they'll keep this forum going. If not, someone will start a new one somewhere.


    I know most of you know about the AGF forum. When the owner decided to delete the "Taylor Guitar" section I joking said someone should start a dedicated Taylor forum.


    That person ended up being me. Started the UTGF back in 2011 and it's grown into a nice community like this one. [biggrin]

  12. Don’t hate me but I know NOTHING about mics and about 2.5 years ago I ran across a church that had closed its doors. They decided to sell literally everything they had. Everything was fair game and stuff that wasn’t marked with a price was still for sale you just had to make an offer.


    They had 3 mics in a corner which weren’t marked. I grabbed all three and said “I don’t know anything about mics but would you take 15 bucks for all three?” The guy was like “Yup! And in fact take the cables too!”


    I got: some pencil condenser mic and two SM58 Betas and gave them to my small church that needed mics.


    It wasn’t til later that I was talking to our sound guy and he was like ya we have some nice mics now. I told him ya I paid 15 bucks for all three.


    His jaw hit the floor. Apparently SM58 Betas are nice mics haha

  13. This is a very popular pick up. I have one in a J-45, and it works great. A preamp makes it sound better but it works well on its own.

    Still, also worth considering is JJB electronics, virtually identical at half the price of a KK. That makes it $50 - shipped!

    http://www.jjb-electronics.com/index.html. I also have one on a J-45. I have no affiliation with JJB, but they have

    top customer service.


    I have NEVER heard of JJB....but I went to their website...my gosh that acoustic guitar with their pick up sounded like heaven!!!! I was pretty set on a KK Mini........but this has me second guessing...wow that was amazing.

  14. I know some time back I wrote a post about the honeymoon phase still not being over.



    Annnd it's still NOT OVER. I just can't put this guitar down! It's been about 5 months and I can't get enough. I use it mainly at home and then monthly at church in our small band.


    There is something insanely addictive about the J45. I've tried to pin it down to something and I think in part it's the quick decay but also the audible sweetness when played gently that neither my 2 Taylors or Martin OMJM had. The sweetness to each note for me is almost tangible.


    I just can't wait to grow old with this guitar. Oddly enough, I'm sure I might add another guitar at some point, but this has almost cured me of GAS. Just as I think I might want to grab another, in my mind it won't be like my J45 and my "itch" to get another guitar just disappears.


    Did the folks at Bozeman put something magical in this?


    Ironically enough, this was NOS 2017 Standard, that when I first got it couldn't be played a darn as it desperately needed a proper set up. Once that was taken care of the magic of this wonderful instrument hit me like a wall.


    I'm so glad this guitar was passed up at the local store until I was able to get it.


    Sorry for the random gushing...but I love this guitar so much.

  15. thegreatgumbino! Great news! I'm so glad it worked out for you in the end, and KUDOS to Gibson for taking care of you!


    I hope your new J45 Vintage brings you years of musical joy! There's just something special about the J45 and all its iterations. I can't wait to see our J45's age in the next few to many years down the road.


    Gibson and they're acoustic workshop in Bozeman are to be commended for making such wonderful guitars.

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