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  1. When it first arrived it was glassy smooth but now, as you can see, the varnish is slowly settling into the grain of the wood. I LOVE this look! This J45 Standard has really started to open up and has gotten richer as I'm able to play it almost everyday.


    I'm doing my best to avoid dings, and won't be abusing/relic-ing this guitar at all. I want it to show its age honestly. I'm just keeping it clean and humidified. I'd love to pass this guitar down to my daughter some day.



  2. Congrats RBpicker! Unlike you Gibson vets, this year was my first "wandering" into Gibson land. I NEVER had played a J45, but watched a million videos online and fell in love with the sound. I ended up grabbing a NOS 2017 Standard, it had issues, sent it back to the official dealer and he sent me different NOS 2017 J45 Standard without any hassle. This one is a keeper.


    There is something magical about a well made Gibson. The tone is intoxicating!

  3. I reached out to Gibson's Customer Service regarding a truss rod tool and he asked if one came with my new Gibson (after I gave him the serial number). I told him it didn't come with one and he took my mailing address and said that I should receive it in about a week.


    Amazing Customer Service! I'm definitely a fan!

  4. Ugh. Like so many posted before me, I too hate the destruction of something that someone put their best efforts into making. Not to mention that guitar wood as a whole isn't an endless commodity.


    Too bad that beautiful guitar never got the chance to age well and bring someone else joy.


    I hate that.

  5. Ok so in that photo of the diagonal line shoot out from the bridge......can you take another picture with an image reflected in it? I’d be interested to see if it’s refracted....like a double image. If so that means there are two planes which would make me think it’s something more than just cosmetic.


    My first J45 I bought about 2 months ago had a “line” from the bridge up...it definitely produced double images in the reflection. I returned mine with no issue and they sent out another. The 2nd one is a “lifer.”


    Here’s the split image from the returned J45:



  6. With guitars, I am generally still in the honeymoon period the first month or so and do virtually nothing with them other than change the strings using those I normally prefer on other guitars. Then once you settle in with a guitar you start thinking is there anything easy and cheap you can do to bring out the best that instrument has to give. So you start experimenting with strings and gauges, maybe saddles and set ups. I mentioned this in another thread but when I owned the '63 B45-12 it came with its stock rosewood saddle. I was convinced this had to go so snagged a new tusq saddle. Figuring I might be able to do better, I picked up a ceramic saddle that was sitting in the parts box of a local music shop. I liked that one even less. So in the end I went back to the original wood saddle. But then comes the thought maybe I should replace the fixed bridge/tailpiece setup for a pin bridge. So what did I lean? Let's just say history is repeating itself with my 1961 B45-12 which I have now owned for just under a month.. It also has its original rosewood. So while I have not done a thing to it yet, what is the first thing I do - yup, buy a bone saddle replacement. In my defense though, I never did try one of those with my last Gibson 12 string.


    The only thing I’ve done so far is to put on some John Pearse PB lights. I could easily see this being my only guitar if I could only keep one.


    It warms my soul.

  7. I've used the Damp Its, the Kyser sound hole type, the D'Addario types and then recently discovered the "Music Nomad" type. The Music Nomads are the best by far. The sponge is insanely dense and features a no drip sponge. You should use distilled but after a good soaking, the Music Nomads last me about 2 weeks without having to re-hydrate and my house is dry.


    I'm serious, these are the best I've ever used.



  8. Getting my NOS 2017 J-45 Standard was a little bit of a process as I had posted before. The first one had a flaw with a top but thankfully the dealer sent out another and it was absolutely perfect after a proper setup.


    So now I'm about 1 month into having it fully operational if you will.


    I think I'm literally addicted to the Gibson tone. It's oh-so-warm, has a nice "thump," has a quick powerful initial punch sound followed by a quick decay...this is EVERYTHING I've been looking for. Even the shorter scale is wonderful to handle as well and I can't help but think that this helps with that warmer tone as well. Ironically enough a shorter scale doesn't mean less volume. This thing is a cannon!


    Bottom line? I want to grow old with this guitar. I find myself listening to other J45 recordings on youtube while at work.


    I'm addicted to this J45 Standard......


    People can say what they want about the company, I honestly don't care one bit. This is one quality guitar and I'm honored and oh-so thankful to have it.



  9. Hi All!


    Well I'm sure you all remember my post about 1.5 weeks ago:


    The old NGD


    Here's the update. I had worked with a gentleman by the name of Rick who works at Leitz Music in Pensacola, FL. His store is an official Gibby dealer. When I received the above guitar with the "ridge" I called him the next day and let him know what I had found and why I was concerned. He didn't ask ONE question, nor did he say or even HINT of accusing me of some wrong doing on my part. That was such a relief. He said to ship it back as Leitz has a great return policy.


    Rick paid for the shipping back and promptly sent out another new J-45. This one arrived today and is perfect.


    I can't recommend Rick and Leitz Music enough. If you are looking for a Gibson, and are willing to buy site unseen, trust me, Leitz Music will take care of you. Places like this deserve business.


    Below are pics of my new J-45 and it sounds like dark chocolate!




  10. Is it part of the grain? Spruce has dark and light lines and the dark are more solid. When the nitrocellulose is absorbed, more soaks int the light lines. Can cause a ripple effect mostly seen just in a reflection of light.


    Can't really tell. The grain looks super even, but when I run my hands over that area, you can definitely feel a "ridge" per se....it's so weird. Freaked me out at first thinking there might be a crack. that "ridge" dips into the wood just like it looks.......EVER sooooooooooooooooo slightly.

  11. Hi All,


    My brand new 2017 Gibson J45 Standard came the other day. It sounds like the classic Gibson...really deep with lots of thump.


    I do have a question though. You can see in one pic where there is defined line in the top of the guitar circled in pink. I took pics from the inside and there isn't a crack, and I looked at the top really closely and there isn't a crack...so I'm curious as to why there is a "ridge" ????


    In some light you can't see it at all, in other angles you can clearly see AND FEEL it.


    What do you all think? Was the top slightly bent there? Or is it a finish issue?




  12. I'm still pretty new to this forum but about a month ago, I stumbled upon the AE LG2 which I fell in love with and sold items that I had to fund it. I purchased it about 2 weeks ago and love it a ton.


    At the time I also had a Martin OMJM that I just never really bonded with, although I did love the shape. The OMJM is one of the brighter Martins out there. I then heard amazing things about the typical J-45 and started reading/watching reviews etc.


    Last weekend, I decided to sell my OMJM to help fund the J-45. I sold the OMJM locally and within 15 had ordered a new one from a store in Florida called Leitz Music. They had a brand new 2017 which they had marked down (It was new and had been priced to lower than what I could have purchased used...go figure). It's a Standard J45 with vintage sunburst. I was concerned that and asked the gentleman why it hadn't sold and he said he didn't know as it was/is a phenomenal Gibson and it was a favorite with the staff. They offer a 30 day return policy. It should arrive Wednesday and I can't wait! Tonally, I've really settled on what I like.


    Ages ago I would have sworn that Rosewood was for me, but then I discovered Mahogany and fell in love with its warmth and somewhat quick decay.


    To my ears, Gibsons are even warmer than Martins and have that nice "thump" and somewhat "muted" sound. I've fallen head over heals with Gibson.


    Wednesday can't come soon enough!

  13. Alrighty folks! Here are some pics! I also wanted to add that I've owned some other nice Spruce topped guitars, BUT this one has the most "cross silking" of ANY spruce guitar I've ever owned. Gibson cut this wood perfectly! If you expand the pictures of the top, you should be able to see the perfect little cross silking lines! I love this guitar! I'm now a Gibson fan for life!











  14. Welps, I have a "New to me Guitar Day" topic!


    I was surfing Youtube and somehow stumbled across the Gibson American Eagle LG2 guitar. It's a small body, all solid wood, guitar which has that classic Gibson "thump." I had to have one but the funds didn't exist as we were expecting our first kiddo. (Born on 2/26 mom and baby are doing wonderfully!)


    I decided at that point to start selling items that I no longer used or needed (it also forced me to do some cleaning in the basement which my wife was thankful for.) I ended up selling a boatload of stuff here and there, and was able to pretty much scrape together cash for the guitar.


    I looked on eBay, some official Gibson online dealers and lastly decided to check out Reverb. As luck would have it, there was a "mint" conditioned 2013, LG2 that was being sold by a user who lived in the next town over. Wow. After some emails back and forth, I was able to meet the gentleman and look it over.


    Sometimes when people say "mint" it's not actually mint, but this guy was spot on. The guitar was in immaculate condition and had been humidified it's entire life since he bought it new. It even had the original pack of Gibson goodies that came with it...unopened.) He said that it was a true closet guitar with about maybe 10 hours of total playing time on it. He said that he just never really bonded with it and that it was time to sell.


    I couldn't be happier! It's so easy to play and unlike most small body guitars, it doesn't sound boxy at all. It sounds very full and a plus that it's made of all solid wood. (Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides.) The wood chosen for this model was beautiful. Nicely grained Sitka and Mahogany. It's a 2013 model and the top has a beautiful amber-ish hue to it.


    This guitar is INSANELY lightweight. For any of you that might struggle with shoulder issues etc that aren't able to handle a heavier guitar this is a must have. It sounds amazing either strumming or finger picking. For its size there's plenty of that delicious Gibson "thump" and has very thick mids and to my ears plenty of bass for its size.


    After I made the purchase I went to my local guitar mom and pop store and bought a humidifier for it. I'm very fortunate to have this guitar and I think I can honestly say that this will be a "lifer" guitar.


    I know there are some back and forth between brands on every forum, but I'm super thankful to now have 1 Taylor, 1 Martin and now, 1 Gibson.

  15. Welps! With the wife’s approval I snagged the used LG2 today! I ran across a used one on Reverb and to my shock the seller was in the city next to mine! A few messages back and forth and I was able to meet the seller today.


    He advertised it as “Mint” and thankfully he was being honest. He had the original paperwork with it and even had the unopened goodie pack that came from Gibson. He said it was a true closet instrument and had maybe 10 hours of total playing time on it. It’s a 2013 model from what I understand.


    This guitar is an absolute joy to play! Lord willing this will be a guitar that I’ll keep for life!


    It has that classic Gibson thump and smoothness. The finish and built quality is perfect! The wood grain on top and back and sides is just wonderful.


    I’m thinking about putting some John Pearce lights on it or maybe some Martin Bronze lights.


    It’s oh so comfortable to play!


    I’m in heaven!

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