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  1. Thanks again everyone. Your insight has been very helpful!
  2. Hi all! I came across this what I believe is an epi flying V. It came with the epi V case but a previous owner seems to have sanded it all down and erased any sign of a serial number or logo. Was wondering if any have seen this type before? It has all gold hardware, with Grover tuners, a non typical pickguard layout of 1 volume, one switch, and one tone all in a straight line that sets it apart from typical "67 reissues. The electronics seem to be epiphone however. The pickups are some after market cheapie EMGs I believe. I'm planning on converting this to the typical 67 layout (getting a custom pickguard since no others seem to fit) and add a set of probuckers with new electronics. However, I'm thinking about turning the input jack into an extra tone since the previous owner also cut a whole in the bottom edge and moved the input jack anyway. I'm thinking this is the best way to use/hide the hole, will give the V the more traditional look, but will have two volume two tone like a Les Paul. What do you all think?
  3. Uh.. Huh? Panasonic? Thanks for the "help."
  4. HI all! First time poster here looking for some advice. I purchased a used Epiphone '58 reissue Flying V that a previous owner upgraded with Seymour Duncan sh-4(JB) and the Sh-2N (Jazz neck) pickups. However I was thinking about swapping them out for epiphone's probucker 2(neck) and probucker 3 (bridge). What do you think? I"m looking for more vintage tones rather than heavy metal thrashing. I've heard good things about the both pickups. Currently the SDs in the V sound ok but nothing special. I know that could be related to wiring/pots/caps that I'm gonna upgrade as well. But just looking for advice regarding the probuckers vs Jazz neck and bridge. Thanks for your help
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