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  1. Thank you. I reported the ad, it should be taken down. It's a shame that people are trying to sell fakes as "real".
  2. Thank you. Could you specify what exactly gave away that it is not real?
  3. Saw an ad for it, guy sells it for 700eur. For that price i doubt it's real, looks in perfect condition. Says it's from 2005. Code is 02005562. Added pics below https://ibb.co/n6fpyH https://ibb.co/kWkNJH https://ibb.co/jHgwdH https://ibb.co/eYjtQx https://ibb.co/jHgwdH https://ibb.co/dGLYQx https://ibb.co/c8fBCc https://ibb.co/eSLpyH
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