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  1. Johnny Cash would play the hell out of that. Nice.
  2. What do yo want to know? Father of Pearl was pretty good. You got banned for that.
  3. I'm not I just popped in and saw the acoustic guys looking at electric guitar porn and thought it was humorous. Want any suggestions on what to get. Start with a nice LP (you can't go wrong with a LP) or SG (much lighter) and an ES-335 is always a good choice (my BB King is a tone machine). That green one is bad a-ss.
  4. You guys need some bro hug time.
  5. D-28


    Damn them 2 electrics are stunning. I have no idea what J acoustic that is, but it looks nice.
  6. Man you guys ooze charm.
  7. He's so mad at you right now Big Bill.
  8. Man what are you guys doing looking at Electrics?
  9. All I need is Appetite. Some interesting stuff on the other releases.
  10. The first album was not sure after that.
  11. Man you think this place is vicious. When I had a Ric 4003 I was on the Rickenbacker Forum for a while, and mention any other guitar or bass other that a Ric and you get attacked by a pack of wolves.
  12. Nothing wrong with owning a Fender. I got a J Bass and a Tele and a Strat. My Strat is a Fender American Deluxe HSS body with aftermarket pups and a Warmoth Maple neck with a Rosewood board. I've owned one Maple on Maple necked American Strat. Nothing wrong with that either.
  13. A Bigsby, and the rest I don't know. Maybe a '61 reissue.
  14. I think that year the Classics had 3 knobs and switch in place of the other knob. Man that Crayola LP100 script was really a bad choice. Looks like a drunk toddler scribbled it.
  15. I love that sound Jimmy gets out of his guitar on the intro. It just has a certain je ne sais quoi.
  16. I've had 2 D-15's. I might have to go cry a bit.
  17. The album or the song? Not mad. I just don't drink hard stuff mixed. I have not been drinking like I used to. Over that past few months I may drink a bev once or twice a week.
  18. He wrote the songs, except that one, which was written by Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys. What is next Liberace. Who the F listens to Rawk. Get on it people Powerage, Master Of Reality, Houses Of The Holy, Ace Of Spades. Abba, Manilow really?
  19. I have seen it nonece times.
  20. Doesn't Albert King play a Flying V upside-down and strung, so the high E string is now string 6 ect. Albert Collins is The Ice Man. The Master of The Telecaster.
  21. How much did you get for the kidney?
  22. D-28

    Varitone Wiring

    I tried making one a few years back. I could not find the 1.5 Henry Inductor either. All I remember is I did a lot of soldering and It was an enormous pain. I have a BB King and I rarely use the Varitone.
  23. Why don't they make an Henry Guitar, and make it out of nothing but Richlite and of course put a tuner on it.
  24. Seen them twice. Torte Elvis is hysterical.
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