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  1. But is it really safe - thinking of neck resets and stuff? It's not like guitars just get better without maintenance. Had 12 year old D16 at Martin Service Center this spring - since saddle left no more room to bridge compound. Not sure what they did - but it's alright now - and no charge. Rehydrating was part of it as I understand. So good people at Martin. Looking at nice smaller body(0-size) - Recording King RP1-16C is one. Torrified adirondack top. Sounds even nicer tuned down half a step with 012-053-set. Put KKsound Pure mini in it and works really well.
  2. Serial is not that much help, I'm afraid. Just manufacturing year and stuff. Modelcode at least tells about nickel hardware and color - that's it. Code on mine is ESDPVSNH1 ES DP dot plain top VS vintage sunburst NH nickel hardware 1 prime quality passed, which all are Mine is a Memphis but have no idea if any difference to Nashville ones. What I look for is pickups - and personally like Gibson 57' Classic ones on semiacoustics like 335. I have Burstbuckers on an LP Standard, but not sure I like them as much in general - but very different guitar of course. Newer 335 seems to have Burstbuckers on some models. Other typical things are finish - figured top, most expensive. More deep laquer and selected wood more refined in looks. Plaintop - and little thinner laquer and not as much figured woods in top. Satin finish - is simpler over all. Studio model - cut down, and saw that latest models seems to have one volume and tone only.
  3. I swapped Grover to Schaller Keystone - just incredible what that less weight on headstock does to the instrument. Inclined to call it a different instrument in how it resonate. Also 16:1 gear ratio so a little easier to do the final tuning adjustment. The Grover's on my 2008 335 was plenty slippage back and forth - so virtually worn out.
  4. I swapped Grover to Schaller Keystone tuning machines - what a boost. Just incredible resonance since so much lighter than Grover and it makes huge difference how guitar resonate. I did on both 2007 LP Standard Goldtop and 2008 335. A bit of a sad story with 335 was - just removing wooden screw at bottom and loosening nut - the tuner wobbled around unexpectidly. I measures hole being 10.4mm to fit a 9.8mm tuning machine - that is not nice. Since Schaller has the same base - 9.8mm - I used sheet copper metal wrapped around to make it press fit. On LP though - check how thick headstock is - on my 2007 LP it was over 17mm - so got longer 16mm nut bolts from Schaller to get some extra thread. I strongly recommend this swap though. The LP stay in tune like never before as well. It was the most simple Kluson on as standard, the ones having 3/8" hole to fit 1/4" tuner string post, and press busing on top. So virtually no support from base other than Kluson gear housing. And just two wooden screws hold the housing itself. On LP I had this incredible harmonics in tone that I never heard before. And both instruments became very different and better beasts.
  5. Talking directly to Gibson customer service - the short answer is yes. But they only recommend Gibson service center to do this - so not available as spare part to buy, it seems. And it void warranty and things to retrofit this.
  6. Isn't all about innovation and to improve product line - or companies are going down? Personally I find V-bracing is less of improvement than differences between different Taylor guitar individuals. Even playing the $4000 Taylor's that is what I found.
  7. Hi Saw these cool nuts with zero fret adjustable thingy that are on 2015 and later Gibsons. Can you just replace with these on older with plastic(or whatever) nuts? Any distances to adjust anything? Anything different for different guitar models? I did not see these listed on any parts retailers. Can I have Gibson part numbers for a brass and titanium version for a) 2007 Les Paul standard Goldtop. B) 2008 Memphis ES-335 Any input on how you feel about these Z-FAN are welcome too. I'm doing make overs on these and change tuners and bridges to Schaller stuff, sanding and recrowning frets etc - and saw this Z-FAN, so felt why not, while at it. Thanks.
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