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  1. The why would Gibson use two different terms to describe the same wood on the 2018 models (Torrified Grandillo and Rosewood)? Makes no sense to me at all if they ar the exact same wood, just saying.
  2. The pictures I have provided in this thread are of all my own personal guitars. The DC Special, The Single Cut Special and the USA Strat,. Anyway the DC that just landed is not rosewood IMO (or at least npt what I expected) so I just sent it back for a refund.
  3. Research on the web will and Gibson's website will disagree with this. It is a rosewood substitute, Gibson calls Granadillo out by name on 2018 explorers (and other models), but calls it rosewood on Les Pauls and has been doing s for years now. Calling it rosewood by a builder is extremely disingenuous.
  4. GC has them as Granadillo too... https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/2018-Les-Paul-Special-Double-Cut-Electric-Guitar-TV-Yellow.gc
  5. https://www.andertons.co.uk/gibson-usa-2018-les-paul-special-double-cut-2018-in-tv-yellow-lpsdh18tvnh1. Sweetwater also had them advertised as granadillio until yesterday and it changed all of a sudden. 4-5 dealers had 2018 les paul specials in TV yellow listed as grandillo (and some still do). Maybe its just me but its so different from my other Gibson rosewood guitars...
  6. Can anybody please tell me if this looks like a rosewood or baked Granadillio fret-board? This is a brand new 2018 Les Paul Special DC and it was advertised as Rosewood, but some dealers have it advertised as Granadillio? (It advertised on Sweetwater until yesterday as Granadillio but has just changed to Rosewood). Really looks and feel like Granadillio to me... Has that lighter non-rosewood look and feels really extra smooth in texture. I really do not think it's rosewood at all. This same 2018 model has dealers listing different specs on the fret board wood I have found out (Andertons for one). I would really like understand what might be happening here? Thanks! My USA Strat and USA Les Paul Special in Rosewood
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