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  1. From Gibson: This instrument appears consistent with and early 1980’s Heritage Flying V model which has the candy apple red finish. These were built between 1981 – 1982.
  2. Looking for a bit more information on my 80s Flying V. The S/N is G 086, which suggests it may be a Heritage series reissue. Photos here Thank you!
  3. Can anyone identify my Gibson? The serial number has been scratched off (possibly stolen at some point?), although the 'MADE IN USA' stamp is still visible, and the fixtures and fittings don't clearly suggest a model. The last time I tried to get any information on it was 15+ years ago, and Gibson were very cagey about telling me anything (not sure whether they thought I was a master forger or something, trying to create the perfect fake!). The guitar shop I got it from [on Denmark St, London] said it was an early 80s model, though that may just have been a guess. The Guitar Dater Project's pot dater suggests that the pots date from the mid 90s. I'd appreciate any insight the forumites may have. I've posted a load of pictures of it (not all relevant to identifying the guitar, obviously) here: Mysterious blue Gibson Thanks in advance for any help!
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