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  1. @zeuss I've been trying to reach out to you to discuss your amp. reply to my DM if you get a chance!
  2. nice amp zeuss! i sent you a message. i'd love to talk to you more about your emperor.
  3. The Century is actually the equivalent of the GA-20T, known as the Ranger or Crest, depending on the exact year. I've owned a '57 GA-20T and '58 GA-20T - both two tone era Gibson combos - and they are 100% identical to the Epiphone Century. Great amps! Similar to a tweed Tremolux, but not as big sounding. I would love to speak with someone at Gibson about these, but I have no idea where to start. Here are some daylight photos of them. I currently own five 1959 Epiphone amplifiers so far...
  4. I posted in the vintage forum too, but figured it's worth posting here. Anyone familiar with the Gibson-made Epiphone amplifiers from 1959? Rare little buggers with a diamond fabric covering and the original bikini logo. Very tweed-like, just like their Gibson brothers during this time period. There are a few higher powered models supposedly out there, but I believe the production numbers for these were incredibly low. I own three of them, pictured here.
  5. First post! Is anyone here familiar with the 1959 Epiphone amplifiers? These are seemingly rare Gibson-made (Kalamazoo) amps that were only produced in 1959 and possible through early 1960, with no official record of them. The circuits themselves mimic the Gibson amps of the same year, but they feature a really cool diamond fabric covering, wheat grill, and bikini logo. I've been able to track down three of them so far, which is a small miracle. EA-50 Pacemaker (same as a Gibson GA-5 Skylark) EA-35 Devon (same as a Gibson GA-8 Gibsonette) EA-25T Century (same as a Gibson GA-20T)
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