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  1. I have the same issue. I have been searching high, low and everywhere else. I am about to pack up another white pickguard that does not fit and return to sender. I see it has been several months... have you had any luck? I have been reticent to go full custom, like WD Music, because of the cost, one reason, and the measuring margin of error, another, but this is already a used Epiphone, which means the value is already low for such an expensive guitar. I just want to be careful about how much I want to put into this guitar. It is on the extremely high end, as it is, for an Epi. Anyway, I have a vision and a sound or a sound and vision, so I need to get this white pickguard somehow. Let me know if you ended up with the coveted while pickguard. Craig
  2. I do, indeed, love it. Well, as much as one can love an an inanimate/non-sentient object. This is why I try to seek counsel from those with more knowledge in the are of guitar building, upgrading , and ambitious design challenges. The more work I put into the CM, the more satisfaction I got out of it. I appreciate your feedback. Not sure I get your point, but since most people are very kind, especially with newer people, I choose to think of your words as positive and I wish you the very best, -- Craig
  3. I checked out your thread, but I was sloooow to respond. Do you have ANYTHING else you are thinking about getting rid of? I would be open to a trade or straight out sale. I have been in G.A.S. overdrive and have about 30 guitars and even another CM, with a quite sophisticated kill switch addition. Stainless with a light switch that can switch on and off. The original CM, which I ended up modding to my liking is a keeper, but I say that about all my guitars now, but I HAVE to start selling some. Craig UPDATE: Well, I love it now. I love it so much, in fact, I recently bought the last new Gibson CM from all the major retailers and at a used guitar price.
  4. I know nothing about, well... just about anything, BUT that is a good looking guitar. I really like the flame top. How about a trade? I am kidding. I think you made yourself one helluva acquisition. Nice work, mate!
  5. I really get the "sell it" suggestions, but I LIKE working on guitars and this is such a base Gibson... but I like it. I was actually thinking of a surface mount pickup and was going to make a pick guard route for wires and use the current equip cavity to add an LED kill switch. My vision is to turn it from a base Gibson to a one-of-a-kind mod that I love and if I ever sell it, it would be to a like-minded soul, or I would just bury it in my coffin when I die. BTW, I bought about 6 cheap Amazon guitars to mod and give as gifts and I have 3 left to experiment on. I am an artist and designer by trade and I tend to be able to buck the odds and attract the people with similar aesthetics. Now, sonically, it might be tougher, but it will look cool and sound no worse than now if I just unplug the second pickup.I have given up the bigsby... so this is just a second pickup and the kill switch (maybe). I am also thinking of a mirror black on body top and leaving satin black everywhere else. THANK YOU for your feedback and thanks for everyone else's. too. I do factor it all in. And I do appreciate anyone taking the time to reply to my hair-brained ideas. Craig "the scientist" Kempf
  6. Have you gotten range of prices this model is selling for, currently? A good failsafe (or at least as much of a failsafe you can get in this crazy world) is can you sell it if it turns out not to be the right guitar for you. If the seller is confident and honest, he/she should not mind you having it given a good once over by a luthier. Depending on the cost of the guitar, is it worth a few bucks to be certain there are no hidden issues. If you are new to this whole world of guitars, as I am, you would be well served to have a pro set-up anyway. I have been sucked into an emotional purchase on more than one occasion. Don't be afraid to walk away if something does not feel right. I wish you the best and please post an update so we know how the story goes. Craig
  7. I appreciate your feedback and knowledge. Would I be pushing my luck if picked your brain for one more question? If not, just delete me. If you really don't mind... Can any standard humbucker be coil split. What is a good resource for checking this out and, if applicable, getting some level of direction and/or guidance? THANK YOU!
  8. Thank you. I have found the guitar community to be one of amazing support, kindness and generosity. Very unlike the rest of the Internet. Thank you, so much!
  9. Thanks. That made me feel better. Most people act as if I bought a guitar shaped chalkboard made of lead and with a 1980s handheld electronic football game glued to the back. I am thinking bout sticking with some cosmetic mods only. Easy stuff, like changing knobs and maybe trying to clean up the weird chalk-looking striations on the top. BTW, the back of the guitar and the neck are amazing. Solid black satin. So smooth and playable. Not sure the logic behind the hideous top, but there must be some people who like it. Thanks, again, for your positive feedback. Craig
  10. Right. So it is drill or nothing, then. If I do it right, what is the downside? A miracle occurs and the 2015 CM with G-Force is suddenly sponsored by the ghost of Prince and Jimi and Les Paul, himself, placing them in such demand people are willing to pay twice the value or more AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALL ORIGINAL. Or, I have some fun, try to make this thing cool, if only for me and it becomes a priceless procession in my growing collection of guitars, one that I actually play, because as it sits, it is not much fun. Maybe I can figure out a way to coil split and make the most out of the current single pickup. I remain, as always, open to feedback, suggestions, criticism, mockery, etc. Either way, it seems I am going to pay for my impulse purchase. I am, however, having fun, thanks to all of you!!!
  11. I hear those RabsWood Guitars are fairly amazing, as well. I would love to make one of those my next acquisition.
  12. I am deep into it, so those before and afters may be a while, but they are coming. Thanks again. Your replies really fueled my desire to keep on Gibson..ing?
  13. But, do you think it folly to do anything to this guitar? I have only added one of two new knobs, which fit anything and I just bought new guitar last night, so that could eliminate my Trem itch, since it came with one. If I leave the Gibson alone, I won't play it, but if I sell it and take a huge hit, chances are with that money, I would just buy another guitar to mod so why not see if can make the Gibson work. ALL OF THE GREAT FEEDBACK HAS GOT ME THINKING. THANKS!!!
  14. So far, I have not found anyone who did like them. I can take them or leave them, but I have fun with them and they have proven very reliable and accurate for me. I am glad I got the newer gen version, though. Thanks!
  15. I have a Peavey $99 special my son abandoned that I have been slowly modding as a practice tool and it turned out so well, I actually really like it. I think everyone makes a great point, but the possible 50% hit on a brand new guitar is tough. That makes me think, why not make this the exact, or close to it, guitar I want. I have seen some stupid mods on Gibsons that actually pumped up the value just a bit. Now that may be the biggest exception. Any mods I make to Gibson will come with expert guidance throughout the process. I actually think I can live with the single pickup, especially if I can wire for coil splitting. I could also route a small cavity in the back and cover it and in that I could run any wires needed. I am still trying to find out if adding a term f's the g force system, which I like, bit don't need. Anyway. I ramble on. Sorry. Thanks for the advice. I greatly consider it and appreciate it all. Craig
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