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  1. I'm looking to purchase a good case for my 2019 LP P-90 Special. From what I've been able to do via research there is a TKL-8824 case that is made for the Junior / Special. But I'm having a hard time finding a source. [crying] Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you have one of these cases I would really appreciate your thoughts/opinion of them. Thank you in advance.

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  2. The last guitar I bought from Sweetwater with their "55 point check" was what most would consider a scratch and dent. I went back and forth with them and they ultimately resolved it but I am not impressed. I have once had an issue with an item purchased at American Musical Supply, a fair number of times at Guitar Center and their Musicians Friend brand as well as once with Sam Ash. Personally I would recommend try before you buy and if you like it, buy what you try.


    Appreciate the heads up. [thumbup] I decided to go through Guitar Center and have it delievered to the store so we can check it out there. I decided that 55 point inspection could mean almost anything despite what they say on their website.

  3. A good choice! Let us know if you need help choosing what to get. We all love to help spend other people's money! msp_biggrin.gif


    Ha.... After talking with the folks at Guitar Center here in Memphis (in particular their tech), I decided to go through them. I ordered an Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus in sunburst. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow at the store and the tech said he'll call me when it comes in and go over the check out and setup with me. That plus the price was $150 less than Sweetwater so ......


    I think I see a Blackstar HT 40 MK II in my future as well .... :rolleyes:

  4. Welcome to the forum Kim!msp_thumbup.gif Well we have similar stories here. I started playing at 13 to around 28. After I married at 26 I basically quit. Then picked it up again when I retired from the Railroad at 60. With that much time away, I figured it wouldn't be that hard to get back into it. Man, I forgot everything. So I signed up to Guitar Tricks on the Net and theres tons of great teachers and thousands of songs and different styles and I started with the correct way to hold the pick literally, different ways to strum and so on and at 65 now I can play 4 star difficult songs and around 40 or more songs. Bending strings took me a bit to learn and was like surfing. It looks easy till you try it. It takes a extra set of callouses to bend those strings. Good luck getting back playing and the main thing is to Practice and Practice some more.


    Thanks for the motivation. I should have not excuse not to practice!

  5. Since retiring I've needed something to keep me occupied so after about a 25 year hiatus I've decided to get back into playing. Not that I was ever that good to begin with but with this wonderful invention called the internet and the wealth of instructional videos (and forums such as this) I figure I can start fresh and REALLY learn what I'm doing. I get intimidated walking into the Guitar Center here in Memphis and there's some 12 year old shredding away ... Hopefully, y'all can help an (well almost) "senior citizen" get back into it. I'll plan on puchasing an Epi and we'll see where it goes from there. I'm limited on posts right now being newand have a gazillion questions but first..... I have a local Guitar Center here in Memphis, but I've been hearing about Sweetwater and in particular I find their "55 point" checkout of new guitars before they ship kind of reassuring. Hype or truth?


    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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