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  1. The dark burst is the one with no COA. Waiting to hear back from Gibson on their thoughts about authenticity. I have an ES-339 in that color combo (non-flame) that I’m looking to upgrade from. So, I am partial to the dark burst. But, that quilt has a really nice WOW factor, from the pics. Not sure if, long term, I’ll tire of the quilt. I still like the dark burst.
  2. It’s either that one, or this one. Thoughts? I’d have to order either, so going off of pics,
  3. Thanks. Submitted, and waiting on a response back. As an aside, what do you think of the quilt Cherry burst pic from a few posts back? I think the pics look super cool, but I wonder how it would look in-person. I’d have to order it, so going off of pics (but shop has good return policy).
  4. How can I be sure if a CS-336 that I’m looking at is legit? No COA with it. Online purchase. Seller seems Ok, pics look right, serial number looks right . Thanks.
  5. Help with serial number on this CS336. What year is this? “CS 203809 I’m trying to figure out from Gibson’s website. I come up with a 2002 model, and the 3809 one made. According to Gibson’s website - Custom Shop regular production modelsCSYRRRRCS stands for "Custom Shop"Y indicates the production yearRRRR indicates the guitar's place in the sequence of productionExample: CS10845 is the 845th reg. production CS model produced in 2001.
  6. The ones I look at on Reverb - it seems like folks use the term ‘standard’ or ‘signature’ interchangeably, or they just call it a Johnny A. And, maybe just copying a description (wrong one) to describe guitar. So, it’s hard to tell - I saw a nice looking ‘standard’, it looks like a signature. Can you help me identify the different Johnny A models? Thank you.
  7. I’ve been looking at these and thinking about getting one. Have been trying to read up on them to get some info. There are some listed on sale as new, so they’re still being made? They don’t show as a current model on Gibson’s website. Looks like they were first made around 2003.? Are there differences among the years? Is there much difference between a standard and a signature? I’ve seen some posts that say it’s just cosmetic. But, other posts that say they are made differently.? Wildwood currently has a Signature and a Standard Signature. Both Custom Shop. I see a wide range in prices - $3k to over $6k. Is this standard vs signature? it looks like the newer ones just come w/a Bigsby and gold hardware.? Correct? Anything else to give me an overview? I was planning on getting a CS-336, then came across the Johnny A. It seems like people really love this guitar. I’d have to order it, so I’m trying to get as much info in advance. There are a few on Reverb and over at Wildwood. A mix of prices and specs. Thanks!
  8. Rabs - You picked out a nice one! Beautiful guitar!
  9. Thank you both for your feedback. Regarding taste, both seem pretty cool (ie.-different). I don’t know if I’d regret one after a bit of time. The black one looks pretty bad a*** , and the quilt one looks really impressive. I’ve never had a quilt top, wondering how this would look in-person. Both are on Reverb right now, if you want to check out other pics (if someone snags one of them, it’ll make my decision easier).
  10. Sparquelito, thanks. That size seems to be the most popular. But, I went to order them on Amazon, and the manufacturer notes says this about #2 x 1/4 - “These screws are not the size used by Gibson on Gibson guitars and are slightly smaller.”
  11. I need replacement truss rod cover screws for my LP. Anyone know what size they are? I found #2 x 1/4” on Amazon, and the notes for them specifically say that Gibson uses smaller screws. But, I don’t know how much smaller. Thanks!
  12. What do you think of either of these 336s? Both are for sale, new. I'd have to order either of them, so I can't say how they play yet. But, both dealers have good return policies. So, if I order one and I don't 'feel' it, I'll send it back.
  13. Ah, I didn’t pay attention to the number. So, how old is this guitar? is it odd that I can’t find any other mention of a translucent black CS-336 with Bigsby, outside of this listing?
  14. https://eddiesguitars.com/gibson-custom-shop-cs-336-bigsby-figured-trans-black-burst-6-14-cs000378 What do you think of this color scheme with the Bigsby? I haven’t see the translucent black before, would like to check one out in-person.
  15. I haven't seen NOS that low, except for the Studio models. Are the NOS any better than the original ones? I'm drawn to the fact that the original models came out of the custom shop, with COA (crazy?).
  16. Hi everyone. I had one of the early ES-339s (2009 Sunburst) and liked it alot. Had to sell it for $$$$. Now, looking to pick another one up. Wondering about the new ones. They're about $1K more than 10 years ago. I can find an older, used one for around their original price, on Reverb. Has anyone compared the new ones to the original ones? Not sure if they're better? same? worse? different? Worth $1K more? The original ones came out of the custom shop, with certification. The new ones don't. Not sure if that means anything. Any opinions/comments welcome. Thanks.
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