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  1. I love this guitar, the one problem I have is the e,b,strings are too bright. I have to back it off, but lose the quality of the other strings .Is that the problem you solved? I'm curious about your wiring change. Is it a simple fix that I could have done at a reasonable price?
  2. Found this post it explains my problem with my 2017 339 studio: I have a 2016 Gibson ES-335 with the "Memphis tone circuit." I have always been curious about what this new innovation is exactly. All I can say is that I felt like my tone knobs didn't work very well when the guitar volume was turned down at all. Also the guitar seemed to have a little extra presence that didn't sound natural to me. Internet searches gave me several conflicting reports, so I wanted to set the record straight. This applies to Gibson Memphis ES guitars. Other models may have different approaches. I hate to remove pots from a semi-hollow, but I bit the bullet to find out what was going on. There is no treble bleed cap or resistor. There are no magic bumblebee caps or anything fancy. It is simply plain old 50's wiring. This means that the tone control is connected to the center lug of the volume pot instead of the same lug as the pickup wire. The volume pots are a bit over 500K and appear to be CTS. I was surprised to see that the tone caps were just inexpensive ceramic disks. The tone cap for the bridge is .022 and the value for the neck is .015. The values are perfect to my ear, so I just left them stock. I suspect fancy caps might improve the tone controls a little, but they work fine as is. I am much happier with the way the controls work on this guitar now that I have moved the tone control to the "modern" location and added a treble bleed (1200pf/220K in parallel). Now the tone controls work properly at all volume settings. Also, the taper of the volume is more useful. When I set the volume at 5, it really sounds like the same tone but at half of the volume. I hope this helps anyone who is not quite happy with the controls on their Gibson guitar, or are curious about this "new innovation" from Gibson. ;)
  3. Steve, I too ordered a new Gibson, mine is the 339 studio. The specs say the pickups are classic 57 humbuckers with enhanced highs via Gibsons' new electronics. Personally I'm not liking the enhanced highs. It seems like when the 1st and 2nd string when picked hard have an extremely hi-mid response, it's kind of annoying. Thinking about trying a graphic when I can get hold of one. Just thought I'd chime in.
  4. Hello everyone, I am a new member looking forward to relating to other musicians on various topics. I have been experimenting with various guitar amps and cabs. Still searching for the perfect blend. Just bought a Gibson 339 and loving it, but I have some questions and remarks about it. So anyway looking forward to hearing some other opinions. So that's all for now until I get more freedom here.
  5. I'm still learning this site, in fact I know very little about how to use it...I would like to post a question...H E L P....

  6. I have a new gibson 339 studio with classic hb I do not like the enhanced highs anyone have a fix

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