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  1. My response disappeared lol. Mine is a Nashville, A-91xxx. 9 for ‘59 and 1 for 2001 or 2011 since Gibson does reuse numbers. I have no COA though I *heard* that COA was a miss in 2001.
  2. Mine started A-91XXX. 9 for’59 and 1 for 01 or 11, this is a Nashville I only got the hang tags And no COA. ( I heard that year didn’t have one /shrugs
  3. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/gibson-339-memphis.1423276/
  4. Oh man, i’m betting it’s a Memphis.
  5. I bought this 2001 Nashville Es-335 ‘59 Historic. Lol sometimes you just need to go for it.
  6. I looked es-335 with a fat neck. He says it’s a 07 the serial number says it a late 06. It has a long guard, however the frets run over the binding. The tuners look like klusons but have no name and the tuning pegs are slotted. A bit confusing lol
  7. The new standard Les Pauls feel really nice.to me. I was playing with both the 50s neck and 60s. The 60s felt just like my 09 ES-335 but I’m thinking the 50s neck was a bit nicer in my hands. I’m going back to have another feel though, I have to say that I was really digging that neck. Is the C shape much like the 50s neck? I’m thinking that I should look for a ES-335 with a 50s type neck. I need to avoid the vintage stuff (cost lol) but I’m guessing there some newer years that have something like the 50s neck. Anyone have any suggestions? I like black,dots, unbound neck and classic
  8. I used the same tuners on my es-335. Drop in fit on my 09 es-335. String changes are even easier with locking tuners. Imho
  9. It would defeat the semi hollow design, at least on paper. Imho /Jim
  10. I know what your saying. I suppose I’d sell it and buy another. The original poster asked for thoughts. I just don’t like messing with Historics, hell I wouldn’t mess with my dot reissue and it’s not even from Nashville. Lol -edit- he could do it himself though some folks will look in cavity or behind the pups, it is Historic. Maybe I’m just anal about such things lol
  11. On a Historic? Hell no. It comes down to value. As soon as you make the change you loose monetary value. IMHO. On a custom shop I might. As stated above, keep the old pickups and go carefully. You’ll alter the value but not as much as you would if it was Historic. My two cents. Jim
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