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  1. My response disappeared lol. Mine is a Nashville, A-91xxx. 9 for ‘59 and 1 for 2001 or 2011 since Gibson does reuse numbers. I have no COA though I *heard* that COA was a miss in 2001.
  2. Mine started A-91XXX. 9 for’59 and 1 for 01 or 11, this is a Nashville I only got the hang tags And no COA. ( I heard that year didn’t have one /shrugs
  3. Beautiful axe man.
  4. My ‘59 RI is 8lbs 14ozs.
  5. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/gibson-339-memphis.1423276/
  6. Oh man, i’m betting it’s a Memphis.
  7. JSW

    Es-335 with a 50s neck

    I bought this 2001 Nashville Es-335 ‘59 Historic. Lol sometimes you just need to go for it.
  8. JSW

    Es-335 with a 50s neck

    I looked es-335 with a fat neck. He says it’s a 07 the serial number says it a late 06. It has a long guard, however the frets run over the binding. The tuners look like klusons but have no name and the tuning pegs are slotted. A bit confusing lol
  9. The new standard Les Pauls feel really nice.to me. I was playing with both the 50s neck and 60s. The 60s felt just like my 09 ES-335 but I’m thinking the 50s neck was a bit nicer in my hands. I’m going back to have another feel though, I have to say that I was really digging that neck. Is the C shape much like the 50s neck? I’m thinking that I should look for a ES-335 with a 50s type neck. I need to avoid the vintage stuff (cost lol) but I’m guessing there some newer years that have something like the 50s neck. Anyone have any suggestions? I like black,dots, unbound neck and classic 57s, though that’s secondary to the feel. Jim
  10. I used the same tuners on my es-335. Drop in fit on my 09 es-335. String changes are even easier with locking tuners. Imho
  11. It would defeat the semi hollow design, at least on paper. Imho /Jim
  12. I know what your saying. I suppose I’d sell it and buy another. The original poster asked for thoughts. I just don’t like messing with Historics, hell I wouldn’t mess with my dot reissue and it’s not even from Nashville. Lol -edit- he could do it himself though some folks will look in cavity or behind the pups, it is Historic. Maybe I’m just anal about such things lol
  13. On a Historic? Hell no. It comes down to value. As soon as you make the change you loose monetary value. IMHO. On a custom shop I might. As stated above, keep the old pickups and go carefully. You’ll alter the value but not as much as you would if it was Historic. My two cents. Jim
  14. That should read Mahogany neck right? Jim
  15. I use a Oasis humidifier in my guitar case. Many options to choose from lol. Jim
  16. I’d be concerned. Glue on the fretboard and a finish crack would make me look deeper. You say it’s new, from private party or business? You’ve played it, do you feel the glue on the fretboard. Jim
  17. JSW

    Truss rod cover

    I was just curious. If I had my choice i'd choose the F hole cover. Jim
  18. JSW

    Truss rod cover

    My 09 truss rod cover says Es-335, I have seen other 09s that have a blank truss rod cover. Any reason for this? Mine is a black satin finish so no binding on the neck. Really, mine would be a plain Jane finish overall. I just was curious. Jim
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