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  1. I found a fretted Zenith without a case for a reasonable price and pulled the trigger. What can one say? Quality build? Oh yeah! Tone qualities? Really amazing! Heavy? Yep! playability? Top notch! It is a prize in my stable!
  2. I have an Allen Woody that I absolutely love! Found the LTD EDITION BLUE! Tone qualities? Awesome!!! Playability? AYFJ? Have 6 other basses, The Alan Woody is my #2! Will not say what #1 IS.....
  3. Have an 05 LP Special Long scale in flame Red. Absolutely awesome! Had a P bass back in the70’s. Nowherenear asmuch fun!
  4. Good morning! My first bass was a no name EB-0 copy, short scale, crappy pick ups, and dirt cheap. Second was a blonde Pbass. Stolen after six months! After a multi decade absence, bought an 05 Les Paul Special bass in flame red! Gotta say, well worth the wait!
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