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  1. As dumb as this might sound....I'd spend it on lessons, or a few months off from work to play. Equipment, I have. Ability is lacking. :(
  2. Just to followup...I was still dissatisfied with the guitar's action after visiting my luthier the day I opened it up, so I brought to a second guy here in town. On initial look, he was skeptical he'd be able to improve it much, as it appeared to be just about at Gibson spec. But he said to leave it, so I did. Came back two days later, took it home and -wow-, the thing plays like a dream now. Even cleaned up the signal buzz I was getting. The thing is darn near perfect now...and I got it back just in time to pack a bag and fly to Ohio for a week, leaving it behind. Grrr !!!!! But a happy guy, and looking forward to making a bit of music-like sounds when I get back. Cheers, everyone.
  3. Well, too late. I just got back - guy said it looks good, neck ok. He dropped the action a bit for (he admitted it was too high), but he did say to play it a bit and let it acclimate, and then bring it back for a full setup later if I wanted. Right now, after a bridge tweak, it feels great.
  4. Alright, then.... Showed up yesterday, gave it a day to 'marinate' in the box, unpacked it and plugged it in. Fit and finish were all good, no shipping damage that I could see, but it was quite a bit out of tune. No biggie. Coil splitting does seem to add a bit of noise. My Ibanez also has a bit with the same cable, etc, and my playing space is a hopeless tangle of wires/extension cords, etc. I need to clean it up. The thing has very nice depth of tone, much broader I think than my Ibby, and really crunches with a little hair on it. Intonation is solid up and down the neck, and sustain is excellent. The strings feel a little metallic and stiff to me - I may switch them out with some D'Angelico's. Not super happy with the action at F12, I'll see if my local luthier (authorized Gibson) can help there. I don't see any bowing with the neck, but what do I know? Feel like to really need to explore this instrument and find its tonal sweet spots, and set up some patches in my Mustang V3 II that suit it. It's quite different from my Ibby. Overall, B+ out of the box, and looking forward to a good setup and many happy hours. Happy Old Guy here. Thx for all the help, and any advice is welcome. Pic below, with my Taylor photobombing. :)
  5. Sunburst, it shall be. I'll spend free time today strumming my Taylor 114CE and working a bit on "The Thrill is Gone" on my soon-to-be-demoted-but-not-retired Ibanez SZR520DHS. Saturday I'll look for a case, a strap and a stand. There are worse problems to have.
  6. No worries, bud. I wasn't expecting a shoulda-gotta-Gibson troll on this thread, but I guess the member in question has a history around here. It's all pretty amusing. I'll have a good day, and you guys helped me a lot. (Most of you guys, anyway. :) ) I am indeed a lucky man, and glad to be part of the community here. Cheers from Colorado.
  7. Worst 60th birthday evar !!!! :(
  8. Welp - it's coming Friday. My wife is pretty picky about online buying - she does shop at more online vendors than just Amazon - and she was blown away by Sweetwater's customer service. They sent us some pics of the new guitar, and put a no-charge rush to get it here in time for The Big Day. I'll get a chance to play it some on Friday - then free tix to see Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs that evening. I did an article on Steve for the local paper - I'm a better music writer than a guitar player, which isn't saying much. How's that for a birthday ??? Guys, thanks for all the encouragement and tips. Feel glad to be part of this community.
  9. Thanks kid !!! This is actually a (proposed) b-day gift from my non-playing but supportive wife. I told her this morning to hold off on ordering anything - I'll call Sweetwater. I'd really like to play one of these things first, but there don't appear to be any in my state. I noodled on an Epi ES 335 at GC last weekend and liked it.... Understand your concern about Amazon vs Sweetwater...but as far as the Pro vs non-Pro models goes, it seems to me I read that the Pro has single coils, and the non-Pro is ProBuckers (which I think I'd prefer). Do I have that right? And btw....Happy belated Birthday !!!
  10. For my upcoming 60th birthday, I'm looking at an Epi ES 339. My wife wants to order one from Amazon, appears not to be a Pro model. Sweetwater had a Pro for a c note more. Wondering if the difference (pickups, yes ?) is enough for me to recommend she go with the Pro model. I'm strictly an amateur player, getting back into playing and learning after many years off. Cheers and thx for any thoughts.
  11. Just wanted to say thx for the add. Longtime but definitely amateur player...have a Taylor acoustic and an Ibanez SZR520 eletric, looking to get into an Epi 339 soon...like, this week. My 60th birthday comes this week and this'll be my present. Looking fwd to joining and being part of this community.
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