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  1. Thanks Irish Rover, after looking at that site I see that they carry the #3 0.009 or 7/64" size in black but looking at the one I have I think it's smaller than that. Pretty sure what I have is the 0.008 or 3/32" x 1/4" screws. Anyone out there able to confirm the size for me? Anyone? Anyone? :-) Thanks Fin
  2. Hey all. New to this forum and I have a question for you. I have a Masterbuilt AJ-500 and love it, I just noticed I have lost two screws from the truss rod cover and I'm wondering if anyone can confirm the size for me. They appear to be #2 x 1/4" Phillips round-head black screws and I have no idea where to source them. Local guitar shop, it's a small one, just gave me a blank stare. Lol Appreciate any help. Cheers Fin
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