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  1. im not really that good, but here are a couple vids of me playing at Battle of the Bands last year (my first "real" gig) Cover of treble charger's "Red": And here's an original song I wrote for Battle called "I Was Born To Rock 'n' Roll"
  2. wow, yea thats def a good idea... never thought of that before!!
  3. thats pretty awesome!! dang, i wish i had been spoiled like that by my mom....
  4. whoooahhh..... :blink: THAT is a beautiful guitar!!! have you owned it since 64??
  5. sorry to resurrect this thread, but DAMN that is one nice looking SG!! where did you get those silver top hat knobs??
  6. i cant resist posting pics of my beautiful SG i love her
  7. and sorry, im not trying to dominate the thread but i gotta add this one - stupid "media" limit. why can we only post 2 youtube videos per post??
  8. and last but certainly not least, J.Bon - all the usual stuff. Actually been really gettin' into some more songs that I hadn't really particularly liked on the Dust Bowl album http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS_1O0MMABQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37O_NgZ528A Yep... good stuff as always!! Interesting mix of stuff, eh? ;)
  9. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - How I Go: This one has an incredible guitar solo, and the lyrics are very powerful... Theory of a Deadman - The Truth Is..: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxC0W1I-KWI This song is really great; the album as a whole has pretty funny lyrics, is very catchy, and is extremely well-written... (cont.)
  10. Green River Ordinance - basically their whole "Morning Passengers - Acoustic Sessions" EP: One of my favorite GRO songs... Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning: Classic song... Very morbid, but still really good (cont.)
  11. ooo thats nice!! colorado is really beautiful...
  12. really?? what college you go to?
  13. true dat. im starting to get used to the sh*tty taste of it too. def. a bit better than the other common cheap beer on campus... and i wish i could get a 6 pack of some decent beer, but alas i dont have a fake id and no 21+ friends on campus who can get me stuff. so im restricted to what i can get for free at the parties ....plus i dont wanna keep it in the dorm; thats a real easy way to get in trouble...
  14. hahah yea, we dont either. and yea, natty is def. better than all the other cheap stuff. thats def why on my campus, natty is the p*ss-beer of choice i mean dont get me wrong, natty light still sucks but its at least a small step above keystone and busch lite. milwaukee's best and miller lite both taste the worst to me. Idk, I guess I've come to the conclusion that Miller can't make any good beer. Even High Life and MGD, which are supposed to be their "better" beers, still taste like s**t to me.... <_<
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